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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fall Touches in the Kitchen and Secrets to Cooking a Brisket

Brisket is one of H's favorite things to cook.   He cooked one Friday,   then our daughter stopped by and we gave her some.....then two of the grands came by and we gave them some to take home   So,  he picked up another one and cooked it Saturday.   (We like to have brisket  in the freezer ready to eat when we don't have time to cook.)

Before I share H's secret to mouth watering brisket,   I wanted to share some fall touches that I added to the kitchen.

I put a rustic pumpkin on a metal pedestal.    Do you see H  in the backyard on the right side of the photo?     

H mowed the back yard while the brisket cooked......this is my view of the yard from the window over the kitchen sink.

Ok....back to my fall touches in the kitchen!
 I  put a wood slice pumpkin that says Hello Fall on the second shelf of the vintage metal cart.

I ordered this sweet pig pillow cover from Amazon ...less than $5....and it came in about a week ago.     I wanted to dress her up a bit for fall,  so I added a bow and some silk flowers above her ear.....

Then I gave her a ruffled skirt,   now she's ready for fall

Now,  I want to share H's secrets to mouthwatering brisket.....

H puts his brisket in a big turkey bag......then he adds about half a bottle of Claudes marinade  sauce and ties the bag off.   The brisket will set in refrigerator over night to absorb all the flavor from the yummy marinade.    The next day he cooks it about 7 hours at 350.

In the first photo,  you can see how the brisket looks when he takes it out of the bag.

 In the second photo,  you can see  how the brisket  looks after he trims all the fat off.    That big plastic jar on the left side of the photo is filled with all the fat,  juice,  and turkey bag that the brisket was cooked in.    H keeps empty coffee cans....snack mix put messy stuff in before it goes to the trash.

H slices the leaner parts of the brisket and chops the fattier parts.    We eat the sliced brisket with some of the au jus that you see saved in the roasting pan.     The chopped brisket will be turned into  BBQ using the Famous Dave's  sauce.  

We're having lunch at the snack bar today.  

I'm serving lunch on pink and white pig paper plates that I dressed up by setting them on a white ironstone charger.   I'm using our everyday flatware and yard sale placemats and napkins.

The centerpiece for our lunch is roses picked from the backyard in an everyday water glass.    We are having BBQ brisket, whats left of the potato salad that was made yesterday,   and pan fried toast.   


Now,   I just need to put my camera away and  step over to the stove to fill my plate with some of that mouthwatering brisket!


  1. Penny, What adorable touches fro fall. I love a man that will cook and not make a mess. You are blessed with your husband. Take care of one another. So kind you shared your good food with the children. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Just so lovely. I only see two plates, you forgot mine. I love brisket, potato salad, and fried toast, lol. Your home is just beautiful. Love it all.

  3. Penny,
    Both of my sons would be there in a heart beat to have some of that delicious looking brisket!! LOL!!! LOVE that sweet pillow!! I looks absolutely darling sitting on that chair!! Enjoy your Labor Day.......

  4. made me go to Amazon and buy a pillow!! Thanks for the share!

  5. LOVE! lOVE ALL your FArMHOUSE STUFF! your kitchen is FABULOUS !! dONT CHANGE from the farmhouse prairie look !! It's the BEST YOU HAVE DONE ! Brisket looks DELIOUS !!

  6. Looks so delicious that my mouth was watering!
    Wish I lived close by to drop in for dinner!

  7. Thanks for linking up each week and sharing at #overthemoon link party.

  8. Yum! I'll be right over! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  9. Your new piglet cushion is adorable and looks much nicer with the little ribbon addition you gave her. Its amazing what a difference the little touches make. Have a great weekend.

  10. I have been wanting to learn to cook a good brisket so a huge thanks for those tips! Love your pig pillow especially how you dressed him up! Your decor is beautiful.

  11. That piggy pillowcase is adorable! Especially with the floral headpiece. I like your idea of "dressing up" paper plates by setting them up on a real plate, cute and hostess friendly!

  12. I love the piggy pillow! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  13. Your piggy pillow is adorable. And Penny thanks for H's recipe it looks mouth watering delicious.


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