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Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall in the Hall

We're up and down this hall about a 100 times a day,   well maybe not that many but it is a whole bunch of times.     So, I decided to add a few fall/Halloween touches to it this morning to make our trips a little more pleasant.

The two large window frames in the hall  have made it so I can change out my decor without putting holes in the wall.     The only holes I create are now in the window frame and not in the!    H also put several knobs on the frames to hang from,

I had printed off a Happy Haunting banner the other day to hang across the mantel in the family room,   but it was too long for it.

My banner fits this area much better.

I just love the elegant lettering on the banner don't you?

I replaced the fabric wreath that I had hanging in the center of the window frames with an oval mirror.   

This is the wall across from the window frames.

I printed  fall wreaths that say BOO to hang on the metal sign that hangs over  the footboard.

I added more fall touches  to the existing decor at the end of the hallway.

I added a fabric pumpkin to the wooden bread bowl filled with Hydrangea's  

It doesn't take very much time to add small holiday or seasonal touches to existing decor......

I created my vintage hanger tree at the end of the hallway last Christmas.    I've left it up all year and just added seasonal or holiday touches to it.     I hung a hand painted wooden pumpkin on it for fall......

It didn't take long to add my touches of fall,   so I took time to take some photo's of the other rooms in the hallway.

The master bedroom.....

Guest room.....

I tucked a  chalkboard print behind the  existing wreath on the small wall by the master bath....

Ky's room.......

and lastly,  the utility room.

What was H doing while I was busy adding touches of fall  to the hallway?     He wanted to make pot pies with some left over roast we had on hand.     H is a much better cook than I am.....his crust is so flaky.....yummy!   

What's left of the pot pies after we eat lunch will go in the freezer to have on days that we don't want to cook.   Looks like there will be enough left over for several meals.     

Hope you enjoyed a trip down the hall!     I'm headed to have some beef pot pie....wish ya'll had some!


  1. I love the layout of your home, Penny. Those storage built-ins must be in another hall...
    Fun hanger 'tree'-you are clever and have fun with everything you do. xo Diana

  2. I have always enjoyed looking at your hanger tree, this year I am making one. Once again thank you for making my day. My creative side comes out every time i visit.

  3. You always make everything look so great for each season/holiday. Soon it will be Christmas and the lovely decor for that! I am actually going to decorate this year as having a party!

  4. Every time you amazing me with your taste of decorations..

  5. Penny,
    I love your hallway!! And the lettering on that banner is remarkable!! H. is so talented and he can cook too!! Amazing! You are a lucky girl!!!

  6. I always love seeing your awesome and romantic home. The banner is my favourite, it's very elegant
    Hugs Alessandra

  7. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous space!

  8. I love the pink throw in your master bedroom. It is super cute.

  9. What a beautiful home! I wish I lived there! I love pretty things. All those lace and vintage...I'm drooling over here. Ky's dream!

  10. I just love your vintage wooden hanager tree! #merrymonday

  11. Penny that hanger tree is such an original idea. Your hallway is all ready for fall and specifically for Halloween.


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