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Sunday, November 19, 2017

New White Leather Chairs for the Family Room

A couple of months ago H and I decided that we wanted new chairs for our anniversary that was coming up in mid November.     I knew that  I wanted white leather.....but none could be found except by special ordering them..     It takes about 8-10 weeks for the chairs to be made and I was a little disappointed when they didn't arrive in time for our anniversary.   But,  my disappointment soon disappeared when they arrived Thursday.    They are gorgeous.....I love them!


The new chairs are a little smaller than the ones we had before.     H is 5 ft 8 in and I'm 5 ft 5 in and our feet didn't reach the floor when we sat in our larger chairs.     These are perfect.....I can reach the floor and rock now!

The leather is so soft and smells wonderful!     I keep a neck pillow and warm furry throw in my chair.

The side tables are normally full of our "stuff"  but I cleaned them off this morning.    I removed all the fall decor and will leave them cleaned off til after Thanksgiving.    Our family needs plenty of room for drinks and snacks on the side tables.     

H keeps a blue throw in his chair,   but the pillow is only there for the photo.    He doesn't use one.

While we were waiting on our new chairs to arrive H gave the coffee table a fresh coat of white paint.


We also changed out the area rug since I am using blue and pink decor for Christmas this year/

Before ...........................................................After

I have so many projects started that I need to finish.......the tree needs more ornaments,     the coffee table vignette isn't finished,    and the tablescape you see in the background isn't finished either.     Plus......the sun room is in a complete mess!   Seems like it's turned into a storage area for the Christmas decor!    But you know what?    I LOVE the hustle and bustle of the holiday season!    What about you?


  1. Penny, I love your new chairs too. I like buying things that are needed for gift to each other. Funny how much brighter your room looks. Love that. Blessings for a fun family gathering this Thursday. xoxo, Susie

  2. Those chairs just make that room perfect!

  3. The new paint job really perks up the coffee table. It's so hard to keep those durn side tables clear isn't it? I've honestly never seen white leather chairs, but they are beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Hi Penny! Wow! Those white chairs in your lovely room just blend in SO much better. I love all of the Christmas touches that you have out so far...especially the pink truck with a tree in it.

  5. Penny,
    Your chairs look lovely!!!! So pretty and your room. They are prefect for your decor. I do have to say that Joe would have his a mess if he had a white chair. His mother did not raise him to be careful with furniture...LOL!! That is why I have darker fabric for my chairs and sofa. It was never because of the boys, it was because of him!!! LOL!!
    I will be finishing the village under the Living Room Tree today completing the Living Room, the Dining Room , the outside and the upstairs. I hope to finish the Kitchen before Thanksgiving but I am working today and Tues. I will finish the Den and Powder room after Thanksgiving..

  6. I love them, Penny. If they didn't do it for you, make sure you spray them with leather protectant. We did that with our light leather chairs and anything that spills (or body oils) do not affect the leather at all. You can buy the spray on kind or rub on kind. I have had very good luck with the spray ones....especially good where your hair comes in contact with the chairs and on the arm rests. I have 20 year old chairs that look like brand new and have been 'visited' by 15 grandkids. xo Diana

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! White is perfect for your décor.

  8. White leather looks so elegant and will go with everything!

  9. Yep, really good choice, the chairs are perfect. I can't imagine me with white but your living room is to die for gorgeous.

  10. White is fabulous. I really love Your before and Your after
    Hugs Alessandra

  11. First of all, I love the white leather chairs! They just make your room so light and airy and ready for Santa to pop down the chimney. Second, I wouldn't add to anything. I like it all just like it is, and if mine looked like yours, I would just start my cooking! Keep up the good work and Happy Thanksgiving! xo

  12. The chairs look great, had to laugh because I've had the same problem, I'm 5'3" so sitting in most chairs my feet don't hit the floor right so I too have a smaller chair. Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. Beautiful chairs for a beautiful room! Love your white chairs.

  14. Well they are just the perfect thing for you and your room. I love seeing the difference they made in your side by side pictures. Great purchase.
    :) gwingal

  15. Great additions to your home and worth the wait!!
    Have a great weekend! And dont forget to join us on Friday Features Linkup!
    Happy Holidays!

  16. Those white leather chairs are so sumptuous looking! I would lounge in those way too much, hence my brown upholstered lounger! The pillows look so pretty with them too!

  17. Penny, your chairs are gorgeous and look so comfy. Looks like they were worth the wait. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.


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