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Monday, December 11, 2017

Master Bedroom Christmas Mantel

Our daughter was over last night and wanted to plan our Christmas eve and day menu.    I told her it was still too far away to plan our menu.....then she pointed out it is only 2 weeks away!     Christmas has "snuck up" on!

The house is pretty much decorated for Christmas now,   but I am still adding some quick and easy touches to existing decor.

The Victorian house you see on the mantel was in the entry last Christmas.     I moved it to the bedroom mantel in the early spring and decorated it for Easter.

 To add Christmas charm to the existing decor on the mantel,   I hung a wreath on the roof,   added a small decorated tree,  and parked a car in the garage.

The pastel colored bicycle is a tree ornament that I found at Joann's

I hung a wreath on the big Victorian house and also the guest house.

I don't know if I've  shared the pink chair with you before.   I found 3 of them at a yard sale this past summer for 50 cents each.      I can see Santa sitting in one with a child on his lap telling him what they want for Christmas!

For a final touch,   I hung a Merry Christmas sign to the front of the mantel.

I have Christmas houses on each side of the bed to complete the Home for Christmas theme in the bedroom.

I did a post on this side of the bed earlier.     If you missed it,   here's a link.......

The houses I have on the side of the bed were in the kitchen last Christmas.    Here's a link to that post if you would like a trip down memory lane.......

The house on the other side of the bed was also in the kitchen last Christmas.

Here's  link to that post........

Here's the back side.......

I have a sewing drawer night lite on the table at the end of the bed......

The Victorian house was in the entry last Christmas.    Here's a link to that post if you would like to read more details........

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love the little car in front of the garage. It's those little details like that which I love. The wreath is a really cute addition, too.

    And 50 cents each? I never find deals like that. There's nothing but antique shops and junk shops where I live (La Grange/Round Top) and a lot of it is so overpriced.

  2. Penny,
    I love that you can switch things from room to room each year. Unfortunately, with all the colors in my house I can not. The chairs are to die for and are perfect for Santa to sit in!! Did you my the sign with the Pink Santa at Michael's? I bought a similar one this year!!
    Your bedroom looks enchanting!!

  3. Love that Victorian dollhouse, Penny. It reminds me of sweet vanilla ice cream for some reason. Christmas IS sneaking up on us, isn't it? xo Diana

  4. Did you make those little tiny Christmas trees with the snow and the ornaments on them?

  5. So beautiful! You have made a gorgeous wonderland decor!

  6. Your home is just magical! Especially at Christmas.
    :) gwingal

  7. I want the little bike. It is simply adorable.

  8. Penny love your Christmas bedroom!

  9. Love the vintage girl pillow...share where u found her

    1. Stephanie, I ordered the little girl pillow cover on Amazon early in the season....hugs...

  10. You have done a magical job of decorating your home once again! I love the Victorian setting, all of the little added touches bring it together beautifully. Thank you for sharing on Party in Your PJs!


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