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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Memorial Day on the Back Porch

H and I are planning a quiet Memorial week end ..........

We plan to spend most of the week end relaxing on the new deck.......

I decorated the deck in a pastel Patriotic theme that should last all summer......

I've used my pastel Patriotic decor for several years now......

But since I'm still not tired of it,    maybe putting it together in a different way will make it seem new!

I incorporated some farmhouse pieces that I already had on hand to give my porch a fresh look while still using pieces that I've had for a long time.     
 You last saw this blue and pink rose centerpiece on the piano "mantel"   in the family room.

I used my Stars and Stripes plates on the kitchen counters last year......

The flags that I have on the back of the settees were used last year on the chairs in front of the little cottage out in the front yard.

I plan to use the dishes on the fireplace mantel to serve some of the meals over the weekend.

I borrowed the blue and cream buffalo check pillows from the sofa in the family room.     I take them in at night.......if I don't the cats will  lay on them!

H has been busy cleaning up the area around the new deck.

While he cleaned the area behind the picket fence,   I hung flag curtains on the empty window frames.......

I also added a cute metal pick up to the existing wreath.     The metal pick up is the only new thing I used to decorate for Memorial Day.


H did a great job shaping the tree and cleaning up the flower bed under it.     H moved some of the plants in the flower bed to another location.

I think we'll plant some shade loving ground cover under the tree.

We seldom used the water feature that we had under the tree and it seemed as though it's only purpose was to attract mosquito's      It's been repurposed into a planter!

H also cleaned the area on the other side of the walkway......


H made the deck smaller than the previous one.       The old deck went almost to the fence.........

When he took anything from the back yard to the front yard he had to drag it across the deck.       He moves things around on his wagon and it was hard to get the wagon up on the deck.....across it......and down on the other side.      Now he has a nice wide path to pull his wagon down,,,,,,,,,, and a smaller deck to maintain.

I hung a flag on the clothes line that H built for the ivy to grow on......

The  porch posts were on the old deck        H planted 2 of them along the fence and put a bird house on top.     We still have 2 more to find a place for.

The kids and grandkids are all going to the lake Memorial Day.     H and I will drive over later in the lunch.....and watch them play on their jet ski's

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Week end!


  1. Your pastel patriotic porch looks wonderful. The new deck looks great and I can understand making it a bit smaller so there is more usable yard space next to it. I had to repurpose a water fountain years ago because we had constant problems with the pump and I planted it full of flowers too! It’s not a bad alternative! I have that exact white cast iron garden bench! I rescued it from an antique dealer and had it sand blaster and powder coated. Some rust has found a way to come through even after all my efforts but only in a couple of spots. Enjoy your new deck this holiday weekend!

  2. Very charming, I love your patriotic touches on the new deck!

  3. Penny, this is such a charming and patriotic tribute to the soldiers who have served and those who still do.
    Your new deck is awesome and I hope that you enjoy it all Summer long.
    Thanks for joining us for the Garden Party!

  4. A pastel patriotic home. I love it! Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day. :)

  5. Penny, your new deck is wonderful and I like the pastel patriotic décor. I recently painted my living room floor white and added a pink rug. I was thinking I need to go softer in there. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with the Garden Party.

  6. Lovely:-))) Simply beautiful:-)) I just wonder what do you do when it's a rainy day? Do you leave it all outside or you run and hide everything? I do not have a covered back porch and I run and hide everything when it's a rainy day and I must say that I do not like it at all:-(
    Greetings from Poland:-)))

  7. It makes me want to come and have a tall glass of tea with you! :-)

  8. What a great porch. YOu really utilize every nook and cranny.

  9. Fabulous pastel patriotic porch!!!!

  10. Somehow you even managed to make pink - red, white, and blue look good! Such a pretty porch! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  11. Penny,
    ove the pastel Patriotic decorations and they are just perfect for your decor!! I also like the Stars and Stripes plates and the metal pick u[p on the wreath!! I did decorate for Memorial Day but will be sharing it all in June as I will be keeping my Patriotic decor up until July 4th....


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