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Monday, June 4, 2018

Gardening in the Southwest

I live in the Southwest.....Eastern New Mexico to be exact.     
 We get very little rain,   so it's kind of tricky to plan your gardens and flower beds.     You either have to plant drought resistant flowers or have a plan on how to keep your flowers or garden watered.      Most people have an in ground sprinkler system that is on a timer and waters every couple of days.    Of course,   there's always the option of hand watering your garden with a hose.

Cactus is a "go to" plant used in Southwest  landscaping since it requires very little water.

There are lots of native flowers that can be planted  to create a beautiful drought resistant flower bed

The presence of green grass in this yard makes me think that this flower bed is watered with a sprinkler system.

Their "pokers" are so pretty

This is one of the flower beds in our front yard where we don't have a sprinkler system .     We put down a layer of heavy plastic and covered it with rock.....that helps the ground retain water and also helps prevent weeds.

All the photo's you see in my post were taken by me.....with my phone.....and are of homes not far from where we live.

I tried to get photo's of homes that are the Southwest style so popular in New Mexico.

This big bed of lambs ear in bloom caught my eye.

This yard had beds of native drought resistant plants......

Southwest style homes can have flat roofs......and some of them have tile roofs like this one.

Here is a different type of cactus in bloom

This photo is of the cactus in our next door neighbors front yard.

This flower bed must have a sprinkler system since I see a yellow  rose tree 

I took this photo at one of the banks near where we live.......

This front yard is across the street and down three houses from our home.    The houses on that side of the street are on much larger lots than ours and are zoned for livestock.

Since we can't have horses on our side of the street,    we'll just have to enjoy our neighbors!


  1. Penny!!
    This is amazing to me!! Where you live is so different than where I live so I really enjoyed seeing the geography of the area and the design of homes there too!!And horse across the street!! Amazing!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photographs of your southwest neighborhood! Loved seeing the homes and yards!!!

  3. I enjoyed seeing the neighboring homes and how they've planted flowers and cactus in their landscape. I didn't realize you lived in New Mexico. I have a friend who's been living in Carlsbad (now in Hobbs) and always worked to plant things that could survive the heat and sun. Those are some very attractive homes you live near.

  4. Amazing gardens. It's so different than where I live

  5. Penny, I lived in central New Mexico for almost 10 years...up in the mountains at 7500 feet elevation...and had to do high altitude gardening. My tomato plants had to have a "well of water" around them to keep them warm during the cooler evenings. We had snow from October to May but I loved it all. Many times we had to get home from Albuquerque early because Tijeras Canyon was closed due to snow. We lived in the mountain chain of the Rockies/Sandias, Manzanos. I have relatives in your area...around Lovington, etc and it is equally as pretty. What is interesting is now we live in Florida in the very same type of stucco/red tile roof that we had in New Mexico. Thanks for the memories.

    1. Hi Kari, I've been to Tijeras Canyon many brother lived there about 20 years ago. We visit Albuquerque a couple of times a year, in fact we are planning a trip there in a couple of weeks.

  6. Penny, it is so nice to see a totally different kind of plants than we grow in the southeast! My hubby love New Mexico. I have only been once and I thought it was beautiful. Thank you for sharing different homes so we could enjoy the architecture and the landscape. A special thank you for linking up to Gardens Galore!

  7. I had no idea you live in New Mexico Penny.
    we lived in Albuquerque and in a small village outside of Albuquerque for over 20 years before we move back to the Midwest.
    I'm sure gardening is really hard with the terrible lack of snow you got last winter and lack of rain this year. My sister, my mother, and my father-in-law all still there and I know they wish for a lot more rain.

  8. Lots of ideal drought resistant plants. California and AZ also deal with that,

  9. Such beautiful homes. I love how they are landscaped . I have always loved stucco homes.. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thank you for the garden tour. I live on the west coast of Florida so the flowers we have are tropical such as the Bird of Paradise and every color of Hibiscus. I never realized how pretty all of the cactus are when they are blooming.

  11. These pictures are beautiful Penny and Thanks for joining us again at Celebrate Your Story. Have a great weekend!

  12. I plant similar drought tolerant plants in Texas, too. I've been looking for some lamb's ear, but haven't been able to find it locally. Your photos are lovely--thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  13. I love New Mexico. It's so pretty is a wild kind of way. Lubbock was very much the same way with regard to watering. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  14. Very pretty landscaping with that house. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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