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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Retro Small Appliances for the Kitchen

My sweet pink coffee pot finally bit the dust........I'll miss her!      After looking long and hard for another pink one (for less than $300)   I gave up the search and went another way.

I looked at stainless steel pots......white pots.......and finally decided on a retro aqua pot

I couldn't resist getting the matching Nostalgic too!     How could I break up a set?


I've always kept the microwave in the cabinet next to the double ovens,   but the new one is so pretty I have her on the counter.

I love love love the oval glass on the door.

I separated the two with a chicken wire tiered stand that you probably remember seeing  on a different counter in kitchen a while back.

I left the bottom tier like it was.......

I did change the decor on the other two tiers though.

I shopped the house and found a white enamel scale to set my cow on......

I also found a metal dish on a white cow.......

I filled my dish with mason jar measuring spoons

I shared a post a couple of days ago showing how I freshened this counter,   so I didn't make any changes to it.     I just added a set of salt and pepper shakers and measuring cups to give this counter a touch of aqua.

I love these stacking measuring cups!

I get asked all the time if I cook in this kitchen......the answer is YES!     I can decorate on the counters since most of the cooking is done on the big island in the center.      I always keep the island clean of clutter so there is plenty of room for cooking.


  1. Hi Penny! Super cute appliances - I love the oval window too. The aqua pop looks terrific with your pink. How fun! Jane

  2. Everything looks fabulous! And, I love love the new Coffee maker and microwave! I will have to look these up! Have a great Thursday! Leticia

  3. Yesterday I saw a red retro refrigerator that ran on propane for off the grid. - Margy

  4. Penny,
    Love your new appliances in aqua!! They remind me of the Kitchen in my parent's house. It was Turquoise!! The counter tops, the appliances and the sink!! I have the identical microwave in red!! I also have the Nostalgic Hot Dog Griller in red too!! I will have to look if they have a red coffee maker..

  5. I totally love the retro look. And that color is great.

  6. I love the new touches in aqua.The microwave is so pretty!


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