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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Farmhouse Style Vignette

When I changed the fireplace mantel in the family room last week,    I just moved everything that was on it to the top of the piano. 
    The last time I decorated the piano was for Valentines.      When I put the Valentine decor away,     I did a very simple vignette on the piano top       There was plenty of room to stash my fireplace decor there until I had a chance to put it away.     Do you every just  set decor "somewhere" until you get a chance to put it away?

After looking at the old fireplace mantle decor sitting on the piano for a week.....or so......I decided I liked it there.    So,   rather than put it away,   I just used it to create a new summer piano..scape!

I had my chicken wire truck filled with spring veggies when it was on the fireplace mantel.     I took those out and filled it with a bale of hay from Hobby Lobby.     Their  hay bales are packed really tight and can be used like styrofoam so all I had to do was stick in some flowers to create a floral design in my truck.

I also stuck in some pale pink cotton bolls and sat a sweet ram in the middle of everything.

My truck has a big load to haul......hay,  cotton,  flowers,  and a ram!

I printed some signs to put on the truck bed.

I hot glued a small magnet on the back of each sign and stuck them to the metal chicken wire on the bed.

I have several different Farmer's Market signs,  so I can easily change them out since they are just attached with a magnet.

I put a metal barn on each side of the truck.    On this side,  I have a metal tractor that could easily be used as a door stop it's so heavy!

I printed out a photo of an old barn a used magnets to attach it to a metal envelope.

On the other side of the truck,    I have metal barn that's similar to the one on the other side     Next to the barn is a  pick up,   and a metal bucket of flowers.

I printed out an old barn and attached it to a metal envelope with a magnet.....just like I did the other side.

I bought my metal barns at Tuesday Morning last Christmas.     I wanted to be able to use them year round,   so I asked H if he could remove the "snow" on the roof and all the red berries.     He used WD40 to remove the snow.    He just sprayed it on the roof and it was easily scraped off!     He gave both barns a good cleaning and the WD40 smell went away.....who knew!

I wanted to share how I turned my vintage piano bench into a piano settee!

I left the original fabric on the padded bench seat.   The fabric isn't very pretty,  so I draped a crocheted piece over it 

Then I hung a rag banner over the top of the crocheted piece.

To hold the lid open,     H screwed an iron corner piece on each side of the bench.

I don't change the decor on the piano very often,   so I may just add some pumpkins and fall flowers to it in a couple of months.   

  Til next time........  


  1. Very cute! I am liking the 'Farmhouse' look... more and more! Have a good Wednesday, Penny.

  2. Love all your galvanized buildings and the truck!! So cute!!

  3. Adorable! I wish I had your patience, because I'm sure that's taken a lot of work, and I don't think I could do it lol! Coming from The Blogger’s Pit Stop.

  4. Cute! I do not have the gumption to change with seasons! But do love seeing it.

  5. Thank you for sharing you Vignette on Friday Features last week, this week you are being featured, hope you will stop by and share again.
    Your post has been Pinned and will be shared on Instagram!
    Please be sure to share the party!!
    Have a great weekend!


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