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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall Tablescape for my Grand daughter

Our daughter is a RN and works a 12 hour night shift 4 days a week.    We keep our 11 year old grand daughter those 4 days,  so she's a big part of our life.
    When I saw these place mats at Ross the other day,   I knew they would be perfect to do a tablescape for Ky.     She has her room here  done in Boho style and the place mats reminded me of the decor in her room.    She has her room at home done in a coastal theme.

This is the family room where we are all the time,    and the dining area is at the far end of the room.   

Here's the place mats that I bought for Ky's tablescape.

The place mats have the sweetest animal faces on them.......and they're vinyl for easy clean up.

We normally just fill our plates in the kitchen and sit down in here to eat.......sometimes we even eat holding our plates while we watch TV!    

I created a centerpiece for the table using the colors on the place mats 

I have grapes in the centerpiece that are similar to the color on his neck scarf.......

I added pink roses to pick up the colors in the rest of the room........

Ky has feathers in her Boho bedroom........

I will need to return the ones I "borrowed" from her room when I change the tablescape in a week or so......

See the feathers in the place mats?

I tucked in faux grape leaves and small antlers.......

Ky hasn't seen  her tablescape yet,    she will be here after school today for her 4 day stretch and I can't wait for her to see it!


  1. Beautiful and inviting! Love it! :)

  2. I love those placemats. The animal faces are too cute! Fun tablescape that I'm sure your granddaughter loves!

  3. Animals wrapped in winter gear! Too cute! I like the way they sort of peek out of the centerpiece. Your granddaughter will find them adorable.
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  4. Penny!
    OMG! Those placemats are just the cutest thing!! I bet Ky fell in love with them....


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