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Monday, October 29, 2018

Thanksgiving Mantel

Halloween will be here in a couple of days.......then Thanksgiving.........and Christmas is right around the corner!

I am so anxious to decorate for Christmas but I don't want to short change Thanksgiving!

Before photo  was my fall mantel......................and as you can see in the after photo

My Thanksgiving mantel has a lot of the sparkle you have seen before in my Christmas mantels!     I want  my Thanksgiving mantel  to be just as sparkle-y as my Christmas mantel will be! 

I've stayed true to my love of pink and white decor,    but I've added pops of orange to the family room for the Thanksgiving holiday

I made a new rag garland for my Thanksgiving mantel. 
   In the past,    I've used twinkle lights or icicle lights as the base for my rag garlands.        This year I tried a different base using a string of large clear lights      I love the vintage look of the larger lights and they are "cool lights" so they don't get hot or burn you.    (I found them at Hobby Lobby.)

The Thanksgiving mantel is filled with pink and orange roses........fall leaves.......and several pieces of grain decor.

On the hearth,   I have a white fur rug and Thanksgiving pillows.       I bought my pillows on Amazon.......very reasonable......a bundle of 4 pillow covers was $16.    

I added some Thanksgiving prints to the frames on each side of the fireplace......

And here's the other side of the fireplace.......

I decorated the coffee table for Thanksgiving too.......

I think this faux bird is a Pheasant.....not sure.....could be wrong!

I put the 3rd Thanksgiving pillow on the love seat and the 4th one is on the sofa.     I'll share that side of the family room later!

Til next time......


  1. hi Penny,
    i don't find the right words to tel you how beautiful your house is Always decorated!!!
    iam from Belgium and it is not easy to explain wat i ment to tell you.
    i think that you have one of the most beautiful houses of your street wow iam healty jelous from you i hope that you understanding what i want to tell you and what i mean.

    mvg gina Belgium

  2. Oh my Penny, You did it again. That garland is so cute. It reminds me of ballerina. You have so much fun stuff. I love your milk glass baskets. I have a smaller one I love.
    Decorating is so much fun, kinda like jumping into a pile of Fall leaves. You always bring us such wonderful things.
    Thank you for sharing.
    PS to the lady in Belgium, I love your comments.

  3. So pretty, you must really enjoy putting all this together.

  4. This room is so very pretty! I love the mixing of pastels and textures! Very, Very well done and cute!!

  5. So cozy and festive! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  6. The garland is just gorgeous

  7. I love the checked picks with the pine cones. I love pheasants for Thanksgiving decor. Cute way to decorate in November.

  8. How pretty! Thanks for sharing for Home Sweet Home!

  9. Stunning as always! Love your decorating style. Happy Fall, Kippi


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