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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Welcome to the Christmas Tree Farm

I'm getting pretty close to being finished with my Christmas decorating and I came up with a surplus of  small tree's that I didn't use in my vignette's.     This isn't the first time that's happened and in the past I just boxed them back up to use next year OR I can use them in my winter decor if they aren't Christmasy.

This year,    I decided to use all these odd's and ends tree's in one big vignette depicting a Christmas tree farm/lot.      I began my creation by loading all the pink tree's in a metal chicken wire truck.     

I put my vignette on the top of the piano mantel.

I made clusters of tree's in different sizes,  colors,  and textures.

I put some tree scented candles on the piano ledge,   so it smells like a tree farm in the family room.

The customers at the tree lot are hauling their Christmas trees in the back of pickups and on top of their campers.

The centerpiece of my tree lot is the big truck filled with pink tree's

A man dressed like Santa is in charge of the tree lot,   and his office is a vintage camper. 

Before I end my post,    I wanted to show you the "drape"  that I have across the opening to the sun room.

I don't have any window coverings in the sun room,    so in the evening I keep a drape drawn across the opening for privacy in the family room.     

The drape I am using for Christmas is a shower curtain from Amazon   (about $20)    It is so realistic and has a gorgeous decorated tree sitting in front of french doors on it.         

If you missed my post sharing all the details on the barn you see on the fireplace is a link to it.......

I enjoy your visits so much.....please stop by any time you have a chance......xoxo


  1. Penny, it looks like a small town at Christmas time. Thank you.

  2. Oh my word Penny, I love the tree lot and the shower curtain drape. The tree on the curtain looks real. What a cleaver idea in using your little trees as a tree lot with the little old trailers. Wow, the I Love Lucy trailer that goes back down memory lane.
    There are a bunch of women who have restored these trailers and travel around. I can't recall the name of the group, but each trailer is different.
    Thank you. Hope you have happy hunting this weekend.

  3. Oh how lovely Penny. That's quite a collection of miniature trees you've got there and they look so precious in the tree farm. I wish I could shrink myself and help Father Christmas load them up ;-)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love it all Penny. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Such beautiful Christmas decor! I love the trees and the trucks and campers! Thanks for sharing at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Party!

  6. Penny,
    our Tree Farm is charming!! But I really love the drape!! So pretty!!


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