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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Magical Christmas Entry

Welcome to my magical  Christmas entry. 

  The first thing you see as you come in the front door is the coat rack on your left      I have hung a rag garland from one coat hanger to the  one on the other side of the coat rack.     Then I hung rag ornaments that I made last year on the garland and also from the overhead hat rack.

Below the garland is a stable that I created several years ago          I have used different Nativity scenes in it and this year I chose a pastel's one of the favorites in my collection.

I have a beautiful angel perched on the roof of the stable watching over the baby......

I had to give my stable a mini makeover this year to accommodate the larger figures in my Nativity scene

Years past.........................................................................This year

In years past,    the baby,  Mary,  and Joseph were all in a gold crown and I didn't have the wise men or shepherd and sheep.    I decided that the cherubs  on each side of the stable didn't work this year and  I also took down the gold chandy

I have a sweet goat and baby pig sitting on the hat rack watching over the baby.......

I almost forgot to point out the rag star I made.    It's right above the garland,  behind the rag balls,    reflecting in the you see it hidden back there?

I had to get on a step stool to get the photo of the baby goat and pig,   so I took shot looking down at the Nativity scene while I was up!

The next thing on your left in the entry is the opening into the formal living/ dining room.   

  From the opening,   you can see the wall that's on your right as you come into our home.       Starting at the ceiling is a footboard that I've hung a garland of blue roses on........a wooden farmhouse sign........a picture of rockers on a front porch (I had this picture hanging in my office for years and I've been retired for 10 years,   so does that tell you how much I love this picture)    and finally a magical  lit garland that I made .

It's a simple garland that I made using a string of icicle lights as the base,    then I tied strips of fabric and baby blue tulle on the cord.

Here's a close up of the wreath that I have hung on the coat closet door on that wall.

I still have one more wall to decorate in the entry.......and I haven't decided yet if I want to leave the tree simple with just lights,   or add some ornaments to it.

I'm debating if the ornaments I hung on the garland are enough for the room.......

Or,    if I should take the ornaments that are laying on the tree skirt and hang them on the tree!

I'll share what I decided about the tree ornaments when I finish the last wall and give you a tour of the entry!


  1. I love, love your entryway. That shot looking down! Wonderful! I know whichever you decide about the tree... it is going to be wonderful...
    loving that icicle garland.

  2. Penny the garland is magical, everything looks festive.

  3. Penny, How wonderful the manger scene is this year. We forget with all the excitement what the real meaning of Christmas is about; the manager scene brings it back into perspective. I love the fairy land you have created. Your house should be in a children's museum for tours. It reminds me of the Nutcracker.
    Please tell me the name of your picture. I do love it from the first time I saw it. I love beach scenes and this looks like you could set and look out to sea.
    This is wonderful to start my day with seeing and imagining. We had snow again last night and it is very cold her in Northern Colorado. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and it is a fairy land when we get snow as long as you don't have to get out in it which I do.
    Thank you so much for sharing and making my day special.
    Big Hug to you.

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of the decor in a house here all decorated for tours.

  5. What a beautiful way to welcome people into your wonderful home. Love everything about it. It's so soft and dreamy

  6. Hi Penny, I love everything you are sharing, but especially the garland that you made for the entry, it looks like a fairy garland!!! Thank you for sharing last week so I can share this week on Oh my Heartsie Girls Friday Features Holiday Linky Party!!!

    It will continue to inspire as I have shared on Pinterest, my Newsletter and soon on Instagram!!

    Hope you will stop by and share again this week!
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Penny,
    May I ask where did you get the white Tree? what size is it?
    Love the garland and the nativity looks magical!!


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