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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Fresh after Christmas look for the Master Bedroom

The master bedroom looks pretty with all the Christmas decor packed away.     I was a little sad to see all of it gone,    but on the other hand I was excited to start the new year with a fresh look for the bedroom.

  I had been thinking about switching a couple of pieces of furniture around and what better time than now to do it!


The desk in the corner found a new home across the room and I replaced it with a chair that matches the one on the other side of the fireplace.

Here is the new home for the desk.

I love the desk here and am so happy that I finally made the switch.   
     I had been putting it off because I had to unload everything in the drawers and top part.......and it was still pretty heavy to move!

I had to find a new home for the cross that I've had on the wall for a long time........but don't worry,    it will find a new and better home!

I didn't want to go back with the decor I had over the fireplace before Christmas,     but I still wanted to leave a few pieces that were there.


I hung a cow picture over the mantel .........

I brought back two of the metal flower holders that had hung there before Christmas

I put different side tables on each side of the fireplace.......

I also didn't go back with the same art work that was on each side of the bed.

Another change I made was to take off the lamp shades that were on the chandeliers on each side of the bed.      I love the cleaner look they have without the shades on them.

Two of the walls are finished I can move on  to the other two walls !     

 Til next time.........


  1. Penny, Your bedroom is lovely. I love the desk. It is nice how you change things around to make your environment more interesting. I am working on making my surroundings at home more interesting to me also. It is like a clean palette each time you start redecorating. It is fun.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOVE your new look for the new year! Rather romantic!

  3. Penny,
    I too love the desk in the bedroom!! Stunning!!

  4. always love visiting and seeing what you are up to as always the place looks wonderful thanks for sharing

  5. You are amazing and fast, I swear you have elves to help you, Im just putting Christmas away.
    I love everything you do!! Happy New Year!!

  6. Always nice to clean and start fresh for the new year.

  7. I always enjoy a fresh start for the New Year, and decor is a wonderful way to make that happen. Your bedroom refresh looks fantastic, Penny, really fresh and wonderful for spring on the way! Thank you so much for sharing 
and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Hope to see you again this week. Have a great week ahead!


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