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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Organizing to start the New Year Right

I don't usually make New Year resolutions,    but this year I felt that I needed to do more to get my personal life better organized.      One of the reasons I need some improvement in that area is I forget to look at my calendar and to do!       

I thought displaying my 2019 Calendar in the hallway ......where I have to look at it several times a day.......might just help me.     
 My theory is that if I get in the habit of looking at it everyday,   eventually  I can move it to my desk where it really should be 

I have little tabs that I can put on the days that I have an activity planned.

Here's a few of the pretty pages the calendar has..........

I have premarked tabs and some that I can write on

Along with the calendar,   I have a sheet to remind me about birthdays,   anniversaries,  a year at a glance page and one to make special notes on.     
 In the center is my planner.     I have it clipped together so I can just pick it up and take it to my desk that's down the hall in the bedroom.

I have to roll a chair over to my desk since it would block the opening to the bath if I left it there all the time.

I can take my planner loose from the clip and spread it out on the desk and see what I need to do today

I organized all my birthday cards,   anniversary,  etc and have them handy .

I also have an inspirational pad on the desk

I have the upper cabinet of the secretary filled with my poodle and ballerina collection..

I love being able to display some of my favorite mothers day and birthday cards that the kids have given me.

Did you notice that I have new clock in the hallway?    

When the hands fell off the old clock I'd had for many many years     I decided to replace it rather than fix it this time.     

I'm very organized around the house house,   so I hope in the new year I can get more organized in this problem area!


  1. I love the way you decorate your home, it gets me motivated to do some new and fresh things in my home. Thankyou for all the inspirations!!!!!

  2. Penny, Thank you for your great ideas. I told a friend about your blog. She will love your poodles as she has a standard size poodle and he is a handful.
    I love your desk and organizing your life. I have a desk similar to yours that I want to repaint and guess where it is in my garage behind a broken garage door. One of my goals is to get the garage door fixed soon and to get the desk out and paint it and then get into the house to use. Thanks for the motivation.
    Oh, I got my Blossom the cow like yours. Some dear soul sold hers on Etsy and now she is mine. She so darling, I love, love her.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. I would never leave home if my house was yours!

  4. I just love your calander. Where could I get it, please ?

  5. LOVE your desk area and LOVE that new clock!!! We have a dry erase board in the Kitchen that Joe maintains and that is where appointments, work schedules, etc. are displayed...I have a book that I have used for years with all Birthdays and special occasions listed in it. I am a list maker because I find that it keeps me on track...

  6. Love your winter home. The kitchen is simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with #OMHGWW.

  7. I love the poodle collection. They are all so beautiful. I also love the way you display some of your favorite cards. That is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. What a pretty office space! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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