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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Farmhouse Metal Easter Egg Basket

This spring,     I have been trying to come up with some  "out of the box" idea's to display some of the mounds of Easter eggs I've accumulated over the years.          

I have a few idea's in my head and I want to share one of  them with you guys today......

I came across a metal egg holder at Hobby Lobby the other day.......

HL has their tabletop decor half price every other week,  so I thought it was a good deal for $17.50

It only took me about 30 minutes to put my egg basket together.     I just filled the little holes with excelsior and sat a small egg in each one.      It actually took me longer to gather the supplies than it did to make the basket.      I have stopped buying a lot of holiday and season decor,    and I plan to use my Easter basket year round.. 

I created a spring /  Easter design on the kitchen counter using my new Easter egg basket as the centerpiece.

This is the left side of my vignette.........

The center of the vignette........

and the right side of the vignette.

I have been spring cleaning the inside of my kitchen cupboards this week.      

I "prettied"  the inside of the cabinet doors a few years ago.       I just stapled fabric to the doors and made a pocket out of doilies to hold some of my vintage crocheted hot pads.

It was worth all the time it took to decorate the inside of my cabinets......I still smile every time I get a glass out  for a cool drink!

I enjoyed your visit so much......please come back soon!


  1. I love the egg basket. I "stopped" at 50 bunnies for spring decor. Ridiculous to have so many, but they certainly give me joy and then they are packed away for another year.

  2. Penny, Just when I thought you couldn't find anything sweeter, here you come with these darling chicks. They are such a great symbol of Spring with the bunnies. I sure need these uplifting posts. This has been our coldest February on record. I am sick of the overcast and cold. This hasn't been our normal beautiful Colorado days. The sun is actually trying to come out.
    Thanks for brightening my days.

  3. Love the egg basket and the vignette. It's a pick me up to see your lovely spring decor when we're having this rainy, cool weather constantly. Love this pink floral eggs in your egg basket. Did you make those yourself or where did you find them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Penny...I love the egg basket and i adore the rose covered eggs. Did you DIY the eggs or find them in one of your treasure troves already gorgeous. You always have terrific ideas and are freely sharing the how to's and where to gets which is not forthcoming information on some blogs! Thanks for being sweet YOU ❣

  5. That is so tempting!!!! I love Hobby Lobby and all their 50% off sales! :) Pinned this!

    Here from Inspire me Monday!


  6. Inside your cupboard doors are so pretty with the red! Your kitchen never seems to disappoint.

  7. So beautiful your egg basket and vignette. I like the way you make the kitschen inside doors. Thanky you for inspiration.

  8. Omg I swear I could just live in your home, I love it all. The fabric and doilies are so unexpected and fun, always a fan of more fabric and roses

  9. Penny,
    The egg basket itself is darling and the vignette that you created using it is just precious!! Love it!!

  10. Love the rustic look , you always have grand ideas and I always enjoy my visit to your blog, loved reading your post.

  11. Very pretty, Penny! You must have LOTS of fun decorating your home! ;-)

  12. Lovely basket, Penny! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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