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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Summer Scarecrow & Lemon Truck Pillow

You don't see very many scarecrows in summer decor,   but  I thought I needed one on the front porch.      With all the tree's that surround our front porch birds have really become a nuisance,    but only when we aren't on the porch.    So,  I had a brainstorm to put a scarecrow on the porch to maybe.....hopefully......scare them away,   lol!

The birds seem partial to this side of the porch.....leaving their mess all I put my scarecrow on this end of the porch.   

 Oh,  before I go on about the scarecrow,    I want to tell you about the pillow sitting in the chair next to her.

My theme for this years front porch is a Patriotic / lemon decor,   so when I saw this cute Farmhouse style pillow cover on Amazon I knew I had to get one for the porch.     ( I'm not affiliated in any way with Amazon,   just wanted to let you know in case you might "need one" too)

Ok,   enough about the pillow,   now about the scare crow!

We just emptied out a big storage area that we rented after I closed my booth a couple of years ago.    This dress form was in it and I thought about throwing it away.    If you look close at the bottom of it,   you can see she's in pretty bad shape,    I'm glad I kept her because she was a perfect form to make my scarecrow for the front porch.

Also,   if any of you are curious about the screen behind her,    it's hiding the grill that H uses on the porch to cook his famous steaks 

I dressed her in some of the clothes I kept after I retired......why do we keep that stuff.....we know we're never going to wear it again.    Anyway,   I thought if she was dressed in my old clothes,   the birds would think it was me and be scared! 
  I thought it would be fun to put a vintage scale by if she has a weight problem!

I wore a lot of denim skirts and shirts when I worked,   so there were several of them to pick from for my scarecrow!.

I know you are probably tired of seeing my beverage bar,    I think it's been in several of my last posts.      

But I thought of something today that I hadn't shared with you guys before.

This is the vignette I have on it today........

This is the vignette you saw on it yesterday.

Do I make new centerpieces for it all the time?    Of course not!   
When I need a centerpiece for a vignette I am creating,   I always shop the house first.     I borrowed this one from a table in the family dining room.   I only decorate the beverage bar if I'm having company and since I'll only need the centerpiece for a few hours......I just "relocate it"  for a while!

Thank you so much for stopping by today,    I always enjoy your visits so much!

   Please come back again soon!


  1. Good morning Penny,
    What a cute idea with scarecrow. A few silvery streamers will help frighten them away too. I had a cocoa mat out for years and our little native lark buntings decided they like it for their nests. Well, they came back year after year. The mat wore out and I threw it away and got a different type of mat and they still keep coming. When I have my wind chimes and fluttery things they don't seem to bother coming on my patio. They are a mess.
    I love the lemon theme as I love cobalt and yellow together. You have such wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my goodness! This truck pillow is PRECIOUS! It looks perfectly perfect there!

  3. You are so fun! I love the scarecrow and the pillow.

  4. Your porch is adorable. I always feel like I'm missing something and I have to stick around and go from end to end. TFS with #omhgww Oh love the scarecrow.

  5. What a fabulous scarecrow! And how could anyone get tired of your beverage bar - it's so lovely, and such a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful porch with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Penny. I really appreciate your support of the party! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. Penny,
    Love the sweet scarecrow!! I hope it keeps the birds away from your gorgeous porch!!

  7. Your scarecrow looks nice at your front door. Our door is small and dark, so it might really scare Thanks for sharing on MM.


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