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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Farmhouse Bedroom Fireplace

I am not sure how many types of Farmhouse decor there are,   but I know there's  a lot.     

Since,  I like all kinds of Farmhouse decor,   you may see a little of each one in my decorating style.

At the end of the post,   leave me a comment letting me  know how many and what kind you have seen in my bedroom.


I did a couple of things to change the look of the fireplace.    I took off the mantle scarf and  added buffalo check paper to the back of the fireplace opening,     

I took everything off the mantel and wall and started with a clean slate.     The only things I brought back were the two chicken wire display boards.      I moved them from over the mantel to on each side of the fireplace.

I think you have seen me use all the decor on the fireplace mantel at one time or another somewhere in my home.     

Here's the other end of the mantel.

The pretty barn picture that I have hung over the mantel is a new purchase from Hobby Lobby.   I printed off some coordinating art that I found on Pinterest and clipped them on the chicken wire display boards.

I have always had mismatched tables on each side of the fireplace and while I was at Hobby Lobby getting the picture,    I spotted these two tables that would work perfect for me..   They are not very big and they fit perfect in the space I have on each side of the fireplace!

I made some other changes in the master bedroom that I will share in another post.   I have a "different,  not new" comforter on the bed.......

I also relocated the chandeliers I had on each side of the bed.  One went to the guest bedroom and one went to the hallway.     I replaced them with one that was in the kitchen and one that was in the hallway.

I am one "cotton pickin' blessed" lady.....


  1. Good morning Penny, What a transformation in your bedroom again. I love the changes. I like just a little wood color in the new decoration. It gives a more farm life effect. The buffalo check is so cute too. All the cows came home to rest to their little barns.
    What fun you and Mr H must have with decorating, moving, planning as you go and storing(ha,ha,ha). It is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I can't wait to see the chandelier you took from the kitchen. Love your fire place also with the dark wood. Thanks for sharing all your pretty rooms xoxo Lou

  3. Penny,
    I am not a fan of Farmhouse but I do love what you do with the farmhouse items that you have!! It is uniquely your style and I love it!! The black and white check fabric on the mantle is so interesting!! And I adore those tables!!! Great job as usual mixing different styles!!

  4. Really pretty bedroom and I love your fireplace makeover! Your decor is always so eclectic and lovely. It gives me great inspiration for things to try in my own home. Thanks so much for posting!

  5. I love the fireplace makeover! I have such different taste and love the farmhouse styles too. But I will go back and forth with all sorts of things. I guess it is just unique. ALways nice to see you and Pink Saturday. HAve a wonderful weekend. HUGS

  6. Cute, cute. For some reason I thought your mantel was painted white. It looks great. I'm loving the buffalo check for this fall.

  7. Your bedroom looks beautiful.

  8. Now that is a list of things I would surely want in my farmhouse. Thanks for sharing in Bloggers Pit Stop - Pit Stop Crew

  9. I am loving your farmhouse ideas, it really be easy to change a whole house in no time.
    Thank you for stopping by last weeks #omhgff for sharing, this week it is my pleasure to feature your post!! Be sure to stop by again!! Have a great weekend!

  10. What is inside the fireplace? I was think of doing the same in my bedroom...You made up my mind!

  11. ohhhh… Very dreamy and so pretty! the change is wonderful! thanks for sharing!

  12. What a beautiful room Penny - everything you touch is just stunning! :-)
    Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.
    Congrats - you are one of our Featured Guests this week! :-)


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