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Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall Farmhouse Kitchen Tour

When I decorated the kitchen for fall this morning,   I thought to myself that I was running behind this year.    I was very surprised when I looked back to see when I had my Fall kitchen tour last year and discovered that it was September 23,!   Guess I'm right on schedule after all!

I usually decorate the kitchen counters over a period of days doing one counter each day....then have the tour when I'm finished.    I guess I'm getting faster since I did the whole kitchen in just a couple of  hours!

I'll start the tour on the south side of the kitchen

This morning when I looked back at the 2018 kitchen tour,    there was not a sign of any black and white check to be found.    What a difference a year can make in your decorating style.

I have fallen in love with the " check" and you will see it scattered generously in my fall vignettes

If you follow my blog,   you will notice some changes I've made in the kitchen since the last fall tour.      I made toile curtains for the kitchen window and H installed a new corrugated metal back splash behind the sink. 

The new black mixer is a recent find at a yard perfect.....$10

My new mixer didn't have any bowls or beaters when we bought it    but my daughter has one just like it that has quit working     I'll just "borrow" her bowls and beaters!

I dug my milk glass canisters out of the display cabinet in the family dining room.    

They are just for display.....I have big plastic canisters in the cabinet over the oven that we use for everyday.

We'll move  down to the counter on the other side of the stove to continue the tour 

Oh,  before we move down,   I want to point out another change or two since the 2018 tour.     H installed a corrugated back splash behind the stove and we replaced the crystal chandelier with a Farmhouse rooster/weather vane  one.     The new chandelier is another yard sale find.....

I wanted to hang buffalo check towels on the oven handle but since I didn't have any I used some black and white sheep towels instead.

I scattered the pumpkins that I made several years ago around the kitchen.    I made about a dozen of them in different sizes using a pretty white fabric with pink roses on it.   

I topped my fabric pumpkins off with a real dried stem.     I always cut the stems off of my pumpkins before we throw them away at the end of the season and use them on the pumpkins that I make

My vintage metal pink/black canister set.

I added a couple of buffalo check pumpkins to my chickens nest.....

Now for a look at the other side of the kitchen 

The curtains are new since last years tour.....

Something new I added to this years kitchen tour is a fall tree.      It was so much fun to create!    I shared a post earlier with close ups of it....if you missed that post,   here's a link to it....... 

I hope you enjoyed my Fall Farmhouse Kitchen Tour......please come back for a visit soon!


  1. I would love to come and see your home. Your post are always so amazing, your home must be stunning.

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful Penny! Love the toile curtains.

  3. Hi Penny...Stellar as usual...I love your creativity. I am fairly talented in decorating but only can sew by hand. I know how to use a macine but don't really feel comfortable using one. Would you consider doing a spot on how to make a velvet pumpkin on your blog for me and others like me that need the how to?
    Your home is lovely and I try never to miss one. Have a blessed and happy day ❤

  4. Good morning Penny, I do like your Fall decorations in your kitchen. I love the curtains more every time you point them out. I think the black white buffalo check really adds a lot to the room. The tin back splashes are very cute and original.
    I also like the fabric pumpkins as they add charm and uniqueness to the decor.

  5. Love the walls (backsplash?) and wondering if it is tile or wallpaper or ???? So cool! Love the plates on the walls above.

  6. Being still fairly new to your blog, this is the first time I've seen your baker's cabinet. Is it an actual Hoosier brand? I inherited mine from my mom when she downsized. I love it! Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Turn About, Penny!

  7. Penny,
    I love the way your Kitchen looks this Fall...Love the black touches in it!! So pretty!!


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