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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Some New Personality for a Neglected area of the Yard

The back porch gets the lions share of my decorating attention and the little corner of the yard that sits next door to it gets zip....nil....none!   H  rakes up the leaves in the spring and that's the last attention it gets for the year.   

I had even started using the area to stash stuff that I didn't know what to do with. 
 When we gave the faux fireplace on the back porch a makeover,   the mirror that was took down landed over here behind a metal lawn couch that my grandson was going to throw away    Of course I had to bring it home with me....wouldn't you have done the same thing????   An old scale wound up there as well as a sweet birdhouse.
So,  with all the time I have on my hands became our project yesterday.

Here's how H and I gave this part of the yard it's own personality......

.H brought over the water tank that was in front of the green house last summer

I put the geese that belonged to my dad in the corner by the old water feature that quit working and is now a planter.    I filled it with some silk flowers and hung a Sunflower sign above it.

The metal sofa and mirror landed up here.

In a few weeks the fence will be covered with is already putting out leaves    The ivy also does double duty as ground cover,  so this corner will be pretty and green soon.

It was a little challenging since all the decor had to come from what I already had on trip to the store for a this or,  I shopped the house,  yard,  and all the other places I stash stuff when not in use. 

 H hung a barn door look shower curtain on the blank wall......while I made a wreath to hang on it.

The wreath I used was hanging over the wicker sofa on the front now I will have to borrow one from somewhere else to put over the sofa!

I don't know what this metal thingy is,  but I found it out in the yard.    I remember that my mother bought it on an antiquing trip we took together.....  Anyway,   I thought it looked like something you could use to put water in a tank so that's where I put it.

The flowerbed in this area has been so neglected over the years that there are hardly any plants left.
When I can finally make a trip to the garden center I plan to fill it full of pretty plants.    

I hung a sheep crossing metal sign on the gate.....

I'm not sure yet what I will do.....if anything.....with this area       Time will tell!

The Farm Fresh sign you see hung on the left side of the photo is new......

I bought it a couple of months ago at Bed Bath and Beyond in the 75% off isle.....

The solar water pump hat I used in the tank last year to circulate the water quit working , so I need to find a new one.

I think H and I will enjoy having coffee here in the mornings!


  1. What a lovely little spot this has turned out to be. Weather has finally given us a chance to get out, and hubby's working on a pole light and planter out front. I've been transplanting our seedlings in the greenhouse...and thinking about what we will do where, when we get the 'work' part done. Loving your Farm....which keeps growing bigger! The Pond is super, and I love the feeder/planter, or whatever your new 'water tower' is...I would have kept it, too! Sandi

  2. Your and your sweet hubby have worked a miracle in that area! Well done!

  3. Such a fun update!Traveling through your garden is like a little adventure in of itself!

  4. Your hard work sure paid off; that looks like a lovely extension of the yard now.

  5. Hi Penny! This little corner of your yard is lovely now! Thank you so much for sharing this at Farmhouse Friday!

  6. great job what a recruitment of items to be used in new ways in the yard. Thanks for sharing
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  7. What a lovely makeover. I am constantly redecorating my patio and I am always looking for fresh ideas. So inspirational, thank you :).

  8. You've mad this into a lovely spot! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  9. It looks like an amazing retreat. Thanks for sharing.


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