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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Baby Boo's & Cotton Bolls in my Fall Cabinet

I love this time of year!    H & I enjoy taking drives in the country to see the all cotton fields.   We grow lots of cotton in our area and the fields are so lovely right before the farmers begin harvest season.    Our recent drive a couple of days ago gave me the inspiration for the fall decor in the big lit cabinet in the family dining room

I began my fall decor on the ledge of the cabinet with a big windmill and a string of smaller windmills at the bottom of it.

I finished up my "centerpiece" with a bouquet of cream roses and cotton bolls.

To the left of my windmills centerpiece,  I have a pink pick up truck with a load of cotton in the bed pulling a stock trailer full of cotton bolls......

(My stock trailer is a recent purchase from Tractor Supply)

On the other side of my windmill centerpiece,   I have a pink tractor pulling a metal goat cart full of cotton bolls.......

The goat cart is full of pale pink cotton!

After the ledge was finished,    I had to move all of it to the dining room table so I could open the doors and fill the cabinet with fall decor.    Guess I should have thought that thru a little better and decorated inside the cabinets!

I store some of my ironstone and milk glass collection in my cabinet pretty much year round,   so I just added some fall touches to the existing decor.    I added real Baby Boo pumpkins and some faux cotton boll stems.

My cotton boll stem also has faux white baby pumpkins on it.    I found these pretty stems at At Home a few years ago and have not seen them again......wish I had bought a few more.

Let's move on over to the other side of the cabinet for a few close up's .......

In this vignette,   I added a pumpkin vine to my milk glass canisters.......

And in this vignette,   I added a sweet little cotton boll wreath.

Thank you so much for stopping in to see my fall decor.....come back again soon!



  1. Oh my goodness, you have outdone yourself with this gorgeous fall decor! I may have to revisit this post just to look at it all again, in case I missed something. You are a funny lady, saying you should have decorated the inside of the cabinets first. How many times have a completed a pretty project, realizing it needed to be moved to make room for something else.

  2. So pretty. I love cotton in the South.

  3. So, so cute. I love the pink trucks and the windmills. Awesome!

  4. Love your pink tractor and new stock trailer! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a lovely cabinet and I love the soft pink color with the cotton theme. Just striking!

  6. So very loving. Thank you for sharing

  7. Well, this is beautiful! Your white baby boos are perfect! I love those farm trucks filled with cotton! Perfect for Fall! I am not sure why that sounds so familiar--- having to move and re-think decor! Oh, wait! Yeah, I do recall why now! lol

  8. Penny, Good morning,
    This is one of your sweetest posts yet. I love the windmills and cotton boles. It gives me such fond memories. I do love your vehicles and they really bring back the memories of farming and growing up with all these things. Didn't have any pink vehicles back then, but they sure are cute. My brother-in-law had a cute little Ford tractor. All the kids loved to drive it because it was easy to drive, but very sturdy for heavy work.
    Thanks for taking me down memory lane again.

  9. Oh Penny! I have said it before but I will say it again, your home reminds me of my mom. Pink was her favorite color and she had a pink dining room and always incorporated pink into all her decorating themes. She would have Loved your house. Your house is lovely and I take a wonderful trip down memory lane every time I read your blog posts. Thank you!

  10. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.
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  11. So pretty! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  12. Thanks for sharing your pretty little pumpkins and cotton decor at Vintage Charm!

  13. Such cute Fall decor! Thanks for sharing at Charming Homes & Gardens! ~ Kristin | White Arrows Home

  14. I am loving all your beautiful fall decor! Thank you for sharing it with us at Charming Homes and Gardens!

  15. I could not stop staring at every single photo Penny. This was absolutely gorgeous and perfectly fall! Michelle and I loved it so much, we are featuring it on the Farmhouse Friday Link Party tomorrow. Thank you and we hope you link up again.

  16. Thank you for sharing this with us at Farmhouse Friday! We're featuring you at this week's party!

  17. I love it all. It is so beautiful. But I have to ask where you found your Pink Pick up? I absolutely adore it.

  18. Penny,
    really cute and apparently quite appropriate for your area.... The pink ones are darling!


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