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Monday, August 20, 2012

Shabby Chic Family Room!

Our family room is the heart of the house.  The kitchen is at one end, the sunroom is at the other end, and the formal dining room comes off the side.  The other side has a beautiful view of the back yard.

We have a marble coffee table in front of the sofa.  I have a centerpiece that is made from a vintage chandy , decorated mason jars, and electrical insulators. 

I made the wreath above the fireplace from fresh and dried flowers, all from our  yard! 

This is one of my yard sale chandys that I have fluffed up!

This is another yard sale chandy!

I made the ruffled mantle cover for the fireplace from vintage cottage curtains and  some Walmart fabric!

The is a close up of the sofa.  All the pillows on it were either made by me or embelished by me!

This old book is about 8" tall.  

This is what I call the small dining area.  It is a part of the family room.  You can sit there, eat, watch tv, or play games.  I decorate it to join different blog parties, but for daily use, it is paper plates and dixie cups!!

Here is a Paris tablescape that I did a couple of week ago for  a blog party.

There is a built in cabinet in our family room.  I have had a variety of collections in it, right now  I have Desert rose!

Here you can see how the kitchen comes of the family room. 

This is the desk that is in the family room.  You can see a reflection of the fireplace.

I cleaned the desk off for the picture, but usually it has mail, magazines, etc  on it!

The desk has beautiful painting on the drawers.  I store envelopes, tape, all my office supplies in these drawers!

The piano is at the far end of the family room, right as you go out to the sunroom.  I made a ruffled "skirt" to go on the top.  I got the candleabra at a antique shop in Lubbock Tx a few years ago.  The clock  used to be oak but I painted it white ( Walmart, $100, a long time ago!)

You can't see it very well but there is old player piano music on the top of the piano! 

A collection of shoes!

Blessings and roses!

Here's what the player piano music looks like.

I couldn't find a rug that I liked so I used a throw!  I hope you have enjoyed looking at our family room!  

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  1. Penny, you have such a feminine home! Love the chandies and the ruffled goodness. Have a beautiful day.


  2. Oh Penny, i enjoyed very much!!You have a gorgeous home in every little corner...everything so romantic, so pink, so amazing!!!

  3. I love your home. It is sooooo beautiful and romantic!

  4. It is lovely, Penny- VERY feminine and romantic- xo Diana

  5. Your home has a lovely romantic ambience, thank you for sharing it.

  6. I love how you use all the ruffles. I bet your house is gorgeous during the holidays :)

  7. Hi Penny: What a lovely room--I particularly love your marble table and the white large clock--both very striking pieces.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful, beautiful room! I feel so inspired to get a move on sewing up my odds and ends for our living room. Thank you for this post!

    ***I am stopping by from A Return To Loveliness, have a lovely week!

  9. lovely and so shabby chic. All the roses are gorgeous. thank you for sharing your room...

  10. You have such a lovely home! Visiting from Knick of Time Tuesday today.

  11. Penny, I like the romantic feel your home has, and your pillows are the cutest! Thanks for the tour.

  12. Penny,
    Breath taking!!

    From the beads,to the lace, to the flowers , to the ruffles!!

    Breath taking!!


  13. I looooove your home! It's adorable. I'm just today ordering a new sofa from Ethan Allen to redo my living room. My home isn't as elegant as yours but for an old retired couple, it's working just fine.


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