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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!

This year the theme for the small dining room is "Baby It's Cold Outside"  

I've decorated the buffet with my motionette dolls that I bought when the kids were little.  They are now about 35 years old (you still look good BABY) They have their fur collars on  'cause "Baby it's cold outside!"

I have displayed some of my Christmas pins on their collars.... The dolls still move their arms and I love to turn them on when the grands come over. 

 This is what I call a "'daytime" tree because it doesn't have lights on it... you just enjoy the sparkle of the sun coming through the stained glass and bouncing off the silver tree.

Pretty mercury garland...a ruffled tree skirt...

and my very favorite glass icicles!   

I have retired these vintage lights..look at the old cords!

I have a few rare vintage cobalt blue balls that you see in the background..

Red mercury glass ornament with a red diamond in the can see how the pink is fading  off of this very old ornament on the right

I hope you have enjoyed your visit!  Come back soon!

Or so she says
The DIY Dreamer


  1. Oh Penny, your home is so pretty!... I think you decorate as much or more than I do!... love your pretty dolls all warm and cozy and I love the sun illuminating it all... I have collected vintage Christmas my entire lifetime and our tree holds between 300~400 very old ornaments... I just cannot get a real good photo of the entire tree!... maybe I'll post it in parts... yours are all beautiful!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. You never finish to amaze me with your decors. The dolls are wonderful and also the Christmas tree.

  3. Beautiful Penny! Those dolls are so sweet!

  4. Your rooms are all beautiful and this is no exception. I have a couple of old dolls, too, and try to bring them our for Christmas- xo Diana

  5. Penny,
    Beautiful Dolls!! I love dolls...
    I love the vintage ornaments on the silver tree...And it really sparkles without lights on with the sun pouring through the stained glass window...


  6. I love all of your vintage Christmas goodies! So beautiful! :)


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