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Monday, February 25, 2013

Flip Flops to Snow Boots!

Yesterday,  I was walking around in the yard looking for signs of spring in my flip flops!  Today we have a blizzard!  My little bird house and iron chairs on the front porch are covered in snow....

Yesterday, I was walking back and forth from the house to the studio bringing in my Easter, the snow is a foot deep outside the back door!

This is the view from the kitchen window today on the left.....summer on the right.

H cooked steaks on this grill a short sleeve shirt...with the sun in his face!

We were sitting out here jacket, flip flops.....Brrrr,what a change!

I saw signs of spring on this shrub yesterday...under all that ice!

Winter wonderland!

This is a coffee pot wind chime outside my kitchen was blowing in the breeze yesterday!

This is a 2 foot snow drift on our front porch!

I am soooo ready for spring......I want to sit on the front porch and sip ice tea!  I think we'll just stay in and have a pajama day!

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  1. Wow! I've never seen so much snow (except in pictures). I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I'd probably stay under the covers until it melted! It is beautiful to look at from afar! Stay warm and have a great week!

  2. The main thing is Penny, you don't have to live with this all the time, like up North! And to that I say Thank You! But when it is here for a kind of once in a life time thing it is so awesome! We had that happen here many years ago, and we were sliding in our sneakers down a 4 lane highway to a store to buy earmuffs! So much fun! One of the banks had left on the sprinkler system and had 5 foot long icicles that we broke off, and had sword fights, like Jedi Knights. It was only here for 3 days, but left us with fun memories. And so beautiful to look at when untouched.

  3. Wow!!! Although I love the beautiful White snow pictures the Summer picture is GORGEOUS!! hope it melts soon, so you can start your spring planting... Have a good day!!

  4. Spettacolo bellissimo!WOW!Baci,Rosetta

  5. Your snow photos are beautiful, Penny. Everything is covered in pristine sparkly white! xo

  6. What a contrast! Both pictures are beautiful.

  7. Wow - so much snow. I know you are waiting for spring and hopefully it will come soon. the pictures are beautiful. Hang in there - it will be there soon.

  8. Penny,
    WOWZA!! You did get hammered with snow this time!! We are having an ice storm right now and I am so glad that I
    am off tonight and do not have to drive to work in it!!
    I love the contrast of your Summer and Winter pictures in your yard. Both are so beautiful!! We won't see any signs of Spring here for awhile as next week our temp. highs are predicted to be in the 30's with low's in the 20's!

    Stay safe and warm in this weather!!


  9. Penny,I just love you !!!!!Wish i lived close so we could visit.I look forward to seeing your post and see what you and H have done.
    Hugs Peggy

  10. What lovely pictures. Can't say that I would like to be there. :) But it is so beautiful to look at.

  11. Gives you an idea of what everything would look if you painted it all white, right? What an idyllic scene, from the warm side of the glass anyway. You'll get your spring before you know it, I bet. A pajama day sounds perfect!
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  12. Wow! We got some snow and a lot of slush and blowing wind, but nothing like that. The south seems to be getting our usual weather this year. We've had snow, but nothing like usual. It is beautiful though isn't it?



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