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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Auction Treasures

I finally got a chance to unbox some more of the treasures that we bought at the auction a few weeks ago.    I fell in love with this brass coffee/tea set .  It is #92 on my receipt (at the bottom of the post)  $20...what a steal!   (The tray was in a separate box of brass for $17.50)

I did a post earlier on the other items shown in this picture....$12.50 for the stag (#65).....$25.00 for the rose tea set  (#297) and $10.00 for the scales (#117)  Anyway...back to the kitchen island to see what was in some of the other boxes!

Here is a photo of all the brass ...  There were 5 trays...that large one on the stand is 22" x 17"....6 lidded boxes, and other assorted pieces.

This is #61...beautiful brass dish...  This dish is quite large 21" x 12"...

It was only $10.00.

There was an assortment of brass in #85 box for $17.50.....but the reason I bid on that box was because I wanted the large tray that the coffee/tea set is sitting on! 

Box 85....    I have all the brass displayed on a piece of vintage fabric that came out of one of the boxes...don't remember which one!

box 85....

and more box 85!

The salt and pepper shakers are #314 for $10.00....there were some other things in that box.   (we donated a bunch of stuff)


Kleenex box...#188...$5.00.    It is a vintage plastic box with hand painted roses on it....I have it on my night table.
I am not going to polish the brass...I like it with all its aged character!   
Can you see my reflection in this photo....I have on pink PJ's...does that surprise anyone!

Box #5 and #41 were full of pots and pans that were sold in our recent garage sale.    I bought the table (#19) for my daughter to use on her patio.  I will show you the ice skates (#292) at Christmas....and you'll see the wall planter (#325) when I figure out where to hang it!  My grand daughter needed a food processor (#305)

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  1. Cara Penny,sai fare sempre bellissimi acquisti che poi collochi benissimo nella tua bella casa romantica!Baci,Rosetta

  2. Penny, what great buys and fantastic treasures!! I would love to have very piece!! I am off now for 2 nights so i will finally have a new post or two up soon. Computer is fixed and running well thanks to my son!! I almost had a stroke when the computer was working right. Isn't it funny how attached we get to these things?? LOL!! Our 90 degree heat wave has broke a bit and the humidity went down. The humidity with the heat is a killer here in the northeast. You can cut the air with a knife sometimes....


  3. Oh my gosh Penny... you hit the motherlode!... love all your treasures... especially that carafe!... and your kleenex box is so pretty... I would love to go shopping with you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Dear Penny, you always find treasures. I love the kleenex box, very romantic

  5. Oh my word, amazing finds. I love all the brass and I totally adore those gallery trays. Hugs, Marty

  6. Your blog really is aptly named! So lovely. I also love the aged look to your pieces. They look more like the treasures they are!

  7. Can't beat such great pieces, especially when it includes a coffee/tea set! Nice finds!

  8. Wow you really made a great score on all those awesome pieces. Thanks for sharing at TTF this week. I'm in love with that Kleenex box cover!

  9. I want to go shopping with you!! (what a great auction) The rose tea set is my favorite! I am now following via Pinterest and GFC:)))

    Hugs and thanks for being a great part of Freedom Fridays!!

  10. Are these brass or silver plated? Just wondering cause I have a set that is silver plated just like these.

  11. I love the bright pink roses! They make that whole set look so pretty. Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  12. I love vintage. We have a set like this too that belonged to my husband's mother. ;) Thanks for sharing. I will be back to check out ideas for decorating.

  13. The birds are my favorite! You have wonderful taste!

  14. Penny, what can I say...I'm jelous with all your bargain treasures! I love the tea set too. I love vintage looking pieces and this are great. Thanks for your sweet visit. Big hugs,

  15. What an amazing assortment of beautiful things! The carafe and scales are just lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  16. WOW - what lovely treasures!
    I'm stopping by from One Sharendipity Place blog hop.

  17. Everything is gorgeous:) Thanks for sharing all of your remarkable finds~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  18. What a priceless treasure! I need to go to auctions with you! They will all make your elegant tea settings even more beautiful! Happy PS!


  19. Ahh Penny, you are a true treasure hunter. What amazing finds you picked up. Doesn't it give you a great feeling when you get home and reopen your boxes.


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