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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Snow in July?, it isn't's Hail!  We had a severe hail storm pass thru eastern New Mexico late this afternoon...60 mile an hour winds and lots of hail!
The hail lasted about 20 seemed like forever!

Then the sun came out and it was over.

It looked like sleet....

and accumulated very quickly....

Our hail was small compared to what some people reported.   Just a couple of blocks over from us, they reported golf ball size!

It looks like snow on the roof!

H and I took a little drive to see the damage...I spotted this beautiful rainbow!

There were several large signs that were blown down...

A leaning power line....

So many yards are flooded....

This pasture is about 2 miles from our house...there were zebra's in this pasture yesterday.

We lost lots of leaves....

our garden is completely gone....the sun has come out...
and tomorro is another day!


  1. Penny, Have Mercy, what a mess! I am so sorry to see this. You just had everything so beautiful, I know it is disheartening, but thank Heavens your home is ok, and You and Mr.H are fine. What happened to the Chicken Coop you just made? and I see your little greenhouse window is broken. All the leaves everywhere, the trees have been chewed to bits!What a shame, wish I was there to help with the clean up. Don't you guys try and do too much too soon!

  2. Dear Penny, What a mess! I am so sorry that all your beautiful work was damaged and that you have so much cleanup and repair to do. Everything was so beautiful. So glad that you and Mr. H and your home are okay. Do you have many hail storms in NM? Best wishes.

  3. Dear Penny, it's a pity to see your garden like this, and all damages around you!I hope there's no victim!
    Hugs and kisses

  4. I hope none of the glass items in your garden were damaged, or any windows. Such a freak storm!!

  5. Hail is so damaging, I am happy that it did not cause you any personal harm.

  6. OMG!! Penny!! That is amazing!! What crazy weather we are having, huh? The sun is finally shining here for the first time in a week but God knows for how long. Your yard looks pretty cool though with the Summer things out and ice!!



  7. Mother Nature sure is fickle! Sorry to hear bout your gardens. Truly a Christmas in July setting!
    Stopping in from All Things Pretty Thursday :)
    Kim @ *Soliloquy Of Food & Such*

  8. Oh, Penny! I'm very sorry for your hard and marvellous work you did before the storm. I' m happy that you' re ok.

  9. Dear Penny, It is truly amazing what the weather can do. I am sure you will find a clever way to repair any damage and that will be amazing too.
    Best, Kathryn

  10. I was just watching the news and they showed photos of snowplows in NM moving the piles of hail that fell, Penny. Wow! We've had hail here in MI, but never enough to plow! Incredible photos!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Wow! What a lot of hail! We had a hailstorm recently, large nearly golf ball size, but never near the accumulation you got! So sorry that your garden was hit hard; your yard is amazing!

  12. Oh my goodness, so that's what a hailstorm looks like. Yikes. Never seen such a thing. I'm so glad you didn't have more damage. I bet it sounded frightening. Glad you all are okay!

  13. So much crazy weather! That hail really came down! Thanks for sharing your photos at TTF.


  14. Penny, I'm glad the damage wasn't worse. Sory for your troubles, but so glad that you are fine. Your garden is still a delight!

  15. Glad you didn't have damage...we had a hail storm like that in NJ's bizarre! Just found you via Simple and Sweet Fridays!

  16. OMG the weather is just crazy this year! We had temps as high as 108* a record for this time of year and my garden is completely fried - the exact opposite of your problem. Just glad for you that things weren't worse.

  17. It must be the week for severe weather, we are in our 12th day of 100+ temps. I hope your beautiful yard recovers quickly.

  18. I can't believe this hail! It's crazy! It's so hard to see the damage afterwards, especially to our gardens.

  19. That hail is amazing and so is that rainbow. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

  20. I'm happy to report that there was no hail in Albuquerque, at least not where we live. Hooray for everything looking nice afterward!

  21. Oh no! So glad that you're okay and praying for those less fortunate, Penny!

  22. WOW! Looks like you had a nasty storm. Hope you're all safe.
    Thank for sharing at the Creative HomeAcre Hop. Hope to see you back again this week!


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