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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pink Bottle Brush Tree

My daughter found this sweet pink bottle brush tree sitting by the dumpster in her alley last year.   Who would throw away something like that????  There was nothing wrong with it...even all the lights still worked.  She didn't want it and I was DELIGHTED to get it...thank you Melissa!
I put it in a small space I have by the refrigerator...
I decorated it very simple....a few yards of lace ....a couple of bird houses...and a bird.  
This is a very busy is where the kitchen, living area, hallway to the bedrooms, and the entryway all intersect!
So, I always try to keep something pretty there.

I love the way it adds warmth to the tree with all the lights on....

It is pretty in the daytime.....but, I love it in the evening...

The side of the refrigerator is kind of plain, so I added a picture with some fabric stapled to the back of it.  I just propped it up against the side of the refrigerator and put a vintage rolling cart in front of it.   That baby isn't going anywhere because behind all those ruffles is big stacks of dishes on both shelves.
See where I had it hanging over the fireplace at Halloween?   I only used the fabric covered picture on the side of the refrigerator...I used the white frame somewhere else. 

I love seeing my little Christmas corner on all of my many, many, many trips to the kitchen and the bedrooms!


  1. Hi Penny... love love love your PINK tree!... and what a find!... you know me and PINK trees!... your little Christmas corner is so beautiful... and how fun you get to walk through there lots of times each day... everything at your home is sooo festive!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I cannot believe someone would trash such a beautiful pink tree! I made a special search for one a couple of years ago and display it every year. Love your decorations.

  3. Looks beautiful. I love seeing your home each morning, so inspiring. Gets me motivated!!

  4. Hi Penny, I'm loving your blog! That's amazing that that tree was free! It's gorgeous! My favorite color is pink, by far, as well. I have a baking blog called, The Alchemist,

    and I have an Etsy shop called, House of Lucien, link here

    I was wondering, I didn't find any info about this on your page, but have you ever thought about offering advertising on your blog? I would love to have an ad on your blog, for my shop, since I think we both have similar taste. If you are open to that I would love to know how much that would be. Thanks so much! You can view the ad for House of Lucien that I have on my blog, in the right column.

  5. I know people throw away the darndest good things. I have done it myself
    So glad you have it in your fabulous Christmas home of decor now
    it looks so good

  6. Simply gorgeous!!!!!!!

  7. When I saw 'bottle brush' I thought it was one of the bottle brush trees that are found here in New Zealand! But real bottle brushes work, too!

  8. You did a super job making regular things into true beauties.

  9. Hi Penny, I have one very similar to yours and I would never get riid of it, love all your Holiday decor, so pretty ;-)


  10. How beautiful!! You are so blessed! It is a beautiful corner! Happy Pink Saturday!

  11. It's all so pretty There is allot of work I plan to start this week end
    HPS Laura

  12. what a lot of pink prettiness! happy pink saturday! xo

  13. I love this beautiful tree,but you don,t go into the hows.I am guessing you started by dyeing your bottle brushes pink.However you did this I have to say the final result is impressive.You did an amazing joband it looks lovely.

    1. Hi Wanda! This particular tree was pink when I got it. I have made small pink by bleaching green ones til they are white and then dying them pink. Hope this helps....hugs, Penny

  14. Happy Pink Saturday!! Being thankful for the wonderful things God has done in my life...I have lived days without Him and I have lived days with Him...I, by far prefer the later...It is so nice to see the daily normalness of our lives....
    I love your home!

  15. What a gorgeous tree, love this! Thanks for sharing on the weekend re-Treat link party!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  16. Where on earth did you find this tree? Oh my! I would love to have it. Such a sweet corner and I love everything about your blog! So glad I happened upon you. I'll definitely try some of your ideas and follow along!

  17. That tree was made for your house!

  18. I love that you decorate even the nooks and crannies, Penny! And that is one amazing find of a tree!

  19. Penny,
    What a great find and how thoughtful of her to give it to you... It looks great there. The perfect spot for it. Love how you decorated it with lace.... Great idea!!


  20. I love your pink Christmas tree! Thanks for sharing this project at The Pin Junkie. It was featured in today's Christmas decorating roundup. Hope you can stop by and grab a featured button and be sure to share your best Christmas crafts at tonight's party for another chance to be featured.


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