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Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Slipcover and White Painted Cabinet

After Christmas, I usually do lots of cleaning and moving things around.....and this year has been no!  H has been so patient and helped me with all of my projects...he's a keeper...thank you honey!

I have had this display cabinet in storage (the studio) for a couple of years.   I loved the cabinet......but the dark color really didn't go well with my decor.   I have been very hesitant to paint it because it belonged to my mother.   After thinking about it long and hard, I decided to go ahead a paint it.  H did a beautiful job of painting it...he carefully removed all the mirrors and put on a few coats of my favorite paint.  (White Washed Oak...Lowes ...Valspar paint...eggshell finish)

If you look closely,  you can see all the gold embellishments on the  mirror that is attached to the back of the cabinet. The back of the cabinet is one big mirror!     There are also similar gold embellishments on the glass panels on the doors.

The shelves are displaying some of my pink depression glass that you see me use a lot in tablescapes.
The top shelf has a poodle lamp and two sweet poodle babies.... 
We brought in the love seat that was in the sun room.   Of course, now there will be changes in the sun!  Anyway, I made a new slip cover for it so it would match the decor in the family room.

H put the front cover back on the piano for a "simpler" look it! 

What happened to the big sofa that was here before? was moved to the north wall in the family room.  This was not a "wall" was the entrance to the formal dining room.   I needed a I made one!
I am really pleased with the fresh new look that the family room has....
Now, I need to do something new to the mantle!


  1. It all looks so nice, Penny. You did a great job sprucing everything up and I like the smaller slipcovered sofa in there. The cabinet looks lovely painted. xo Diana

  2. The cabinet looks beautiful painted!! Thanks for linking up with us at LOBS!

  3. I do understand why you were reluctant to paint the cabinet, but honestly it's just stunning in white especially when filled with the pink glass pieces. I really like the slip-covered sofa too - it's really lovely!

  4. I love the cabinet painted - looks so much better. I don't know ow you have so much energy - I'm still cleaning up after taking the decorations down. We have had so much wind that it's hard to keep the dust out.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. That cabinet is gorgeous and I love it painted so it can be used in your home to display some of your amazing collections. Thank you for sharing some of your very pretty changes with us at TTF!

  6. I am in the exact same situation. I have a lovely curio cabinet that was my mother's (oak) and I have thought many times of painting it, but so far I have refrained from doing so for the same reasons you had. Your cabinet looks so nice, much better then the dark wood finish and it goes in your home perfectly now.

    1. a comment on momma's stuff. I had a gorgeous commode from my mother that was a red oak. It was missing the mirror and when my daughter got pregnant she asked if she could have it for a changing table. I agreed until she told me she planned on painting it. I was mortified until she said, if Nana were here and I asked her, she would tell me to do with it what made me happy. I agree. Your Momma would want you to do with it what makes you happy just as mine would. You are using the piece that way not just tucking it away.

  7. Penny I featured you on my facebook page today!

  8. Everything is gorgeous and very fresh. I love the new paint of the cabinet

  9. The piano definitely makes it! ;)

  10. Penny!! What a stunning piece of furniture that is!! The gold on the mirrors is stunning!! And H. is definitely a keeper and he does a fabulous job doing all your painting projects!!
    Love all your pink depression glass displayed inside of this beauty!!
    I liked the piano open and I like it closed too so it is a nice change off every now and then!!

    I so envy all your time to "play"!! LOL!
    Hopefully, some day i will be able to do the same... Sigh...

    I did get a lot done this weekend as i had 3 days off. Christmas should all be down by the end of today , I hope!!


  11. Beautiful display cabinet - love how it turned out!

  12. Beautiful, love the display cabinet in white :)

  13. Such elegant changes,,,like the slipcover :)

  14. Beautiful, Penny. I LOVE your Poodle Babies!!
    Thank you so much for sharing at Brag About It Link Party on VMG206 this week!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  15. How lovely! Fab work and your have such a cute house!

  16. I have some pieces that I wouldn't paint, but I think your cabinet looks better painted. It set off the design in the mirror and glass so nicely. I like the piano changes too. it shows off the clean, classic lines of it and looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!

  17. Love to get my dose of shabbiliicous from you each week Penny. Featuring you this week on Shabbilcious Friday sweetie.

  18. I'm glad to hear that you took the plunge and painted something that is sentimental. I inherited my grandmothers really nice bedroom set. Some of it needs work, and I'm reluctant to touch it! :( Seeing that your piece came out so nice gives me confidence that I could do it too.

    Thanks for linking up to our Weekend Wind-Down Linky Party! Come back by tomorrow at 6pm to join this week's party and see if you were featured! =)

  19. Gorgeous slipcover! The cabinet looks wonderful and fresh! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  20. What a great cabinet - love it all creamy white! I'm featuring it in this week's PoPP Spotlight!

  21. I think the paint job enhanced the cabinets' beauty. The pink Depression glass is the perfect display. Home run!

  22. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above


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