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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Victorian Sofa

I have been looking for a Victorian sofa to go with our chairs forEVER!     I have seen a few at the antique stores,  but they were pretty pricey so I didn't buy them.   One of the yard sales last Saturday had one listed in their newspaper ad,  so I went by there before we left for the auction.
It was just what I had been looking for,  and the price was right,  so we loaded her
up and brought her home

She looked pretty everywhere we sat her.....
but,  we finally decided to put her in the small dining room.
H painted the dark wood a cream color to match the chairs in the dining room.
The upholstery was in excellent stains or worn fact it looked like it had hardly ever been set on.
A perfect place to sit in the sun,   have a cup of tea,  and do a little reading!
We rearranged the dining room to give it a more informal look.....

The table was running north and south it is running east and west.    This is the only photo I could find (I was in a hurry)  it is showing a before and after of the chandy.
When the kids come over Sunday,   I thought we could sit here for and informal tea party in the afternoon....

just visit....
have a glass of iced tea....
maybe look thru.....

some old photos.....

and have a wonderful Easter afternoon!

I want to wish you and your family a blessed Easter!


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Il est bon de faire revivre des choses... Votre choix fut judicieux. Merci de partager avec nous ces très jolies photos.
    Je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes pascales.
    Gros bisous

  2. Penny, the cream color looks absolutely lovely with the upholstery! Love it!

  3. Penny, what a gorgeous sofa! You were one lucky lady to find such a wonderful one too! I love where it's sitting, so pretty and sweet! Looks fabulous and adds even more elegance to your already awesome vintage home!
    Happy Easter!

  4. It is lovely! I was supposed to inherit a beautiful antique sofa like that, same shape, with roses carved on the back and arms and legs. Perfect for me! And it had rose pink fabric--the original! Unfortunately the relatives in Virginia got rid of everything and swore they did not see anything written down about it. I was there when he wrote it down! The grandfather, my husbands, always called me his sweet Rose, called me every week, and wanted me to have that as he had said it was "perfect for his Sweet Rose."

  5. WOW the sofa is stunning and looks so good with your chairs. Everything looks so great for Easter.
    Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  6. This sofa is fabulous and the fabric is beautiful. I can't believe you found it and by adding the white paint it is now perfect.

  7. That sofa is gorgeous and is the perfect touch for your lovely dining room. The children are going to love spending time in such a beautiful and relaxing space. Enjoy your Easter!

  8. I really love your taste in decorating,I have the same ideas.Love your new sofa,you have the best blog,keep it coming

  9. It looks wonderful and I always wondered how someone can paint the wood trim and not get it on the upholstery, I am a sloppy painter LOL

  10. I love the sofa at the table. I have always wanted to do that. I have two wingback chairs I want to place at our dining
    Room table but my hubby thinks I am crazy.

  11. The sofa is a great find and I love how you are using it. Looks fabulous. So lucky the fabric is in such good shape! All that tuck and tufting ! My dad has one for me - it was his grt grandmothers but I've been putting off taking it - I know its got to go to the upholsterers before I use it (original horsehair uphols. not in good shape)and I am sort of dreading finding out how much it will cost.

  12. Happy for you to have found your sofa. The new color is perfect with your chairs. Happy Easter!

  13. Wow, Penny. What a find for you. It looks so pretty with new paint. Just the spot for sitting and sipping..Have a great Easter with your family..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  14. Penny, your home looks so small from the front and yet inside it look so big! How many bedrooms and bathrooms. I love your new sofa..and I like the cream trim a lot better than the dark wood. It goes in your home perfectly! What a find!!

  15. Penny,
    Now you know that I would just love this Victorian sofa, didn't you? The upholstery is wonderful!! Love where you put it too!
    Enjoy your Easter Sunday with your family....
    Easter is not considered a Holiday for me and it is my weekend to work so i am working both Sat. and Sun. nights. I will still be having the kids over for Easter dinner though... I am used to working and cooking.... have done it for years...


  16. What a beautiful room. I can not believe how painting the dark wood transformed the couch. ope you have a wonderful Easter with your family. Thank you for sharing on our Four Seasons Blog Hop.

  17. Ooh, I love it all! Visiting from Jann's today. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  18. The cream looks so nice! I seriously would love to just come walk through your home. It has so much interest and neat things. Love it!

  19. This victorina sofa is so lovely! It looks wonderful in your charming dining room.

  20. What a glorious room,I so envy you the beautiful sofa and your Easter table is so very pretty!! Wishing you a very happy Eastertide.Pam

  21. Fabulous! Have a Blessed Easter with your family. :)

  22. Penny, what a great find! It fits your home perfectly. Love the new white wood too. Thanks for sharing with SYC. Have a wonderful Easter.

  23. Penny it fits perfect in there! I'm featuring your sofa over at the Power of Paint on Monday!

  24. Stunning! Gorgeous! Love the sofa and your dining room!

  25. You have such lovely decor. That sofa is gorgeous.

  26. Everything in your home is so beautiful :)

  27. I like how you gave the settee new life by changing the trim color. Looks great.

  28. So delighted for you! The couch is perfect! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  29. All things come to she who waits! It looks perfect. Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday!

  30. BTW, your settee will be featured tonight! :)

  31. So beautiful. I love your home & your style. That couch is so perfect, what a treasure.


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