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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas is almost here....what happened to's almost gone!  

I was tired of the ruffled slip covers that  I had on the dining room chairs,  so off they      I may leave the chairs as is....or maybe reupholster the seats.....or put the ruffled slip covers back on...the only thing I can't do is paint them!  H put his foot down on that idea.   What do you think I should do?

I have set the table with  vintage Cuthbertson  Christmas tree dishes.    I did a little research on these dishes after I bought them at the auction this past summer.   This patternstarted almost 100 years ago in England ...I have a link to a web site further down this post if you want to read the info that I found.
I'm still playing with the arrangement and pieces that I will use to serve our Christmas dinner,  so you will see a few different ways.   Let me know what you think

   I can't decide whether to use my Grandmothers thumbprint pink glasses or some diamond design green glasses (you can see one behind the larger pink glass)

 Snowflake napkin rings....or....

antler napkin rings.....
I tucked a small  3D Christmas card between the plates with a short note to loved one that will be sitting there.   
What should we eat with.....silver or gold"

Here is the link to the dishes...................

I have a silk flower centerpiece for now but will probably have fresh flowers on Christmas .
Our Christmas dinner will be served buffet style from the kitchen island.     I have another table set up in the family room and one in the sun room.
                                                                    Merry Christmas


  1. Dear Penny, Your Christmas spirit is beautiful. I do like the pink glasses; though I am partial to the color pink.
    Whatever you serve for Christmas dinner will be perfect, since it will be served with love.
    The special notes to each loved on is one of the most thoughtful ideas I have seen.
    Have a very Merry Christmas dear. xo Catherine

  2. Penny- I had quite a collection of the Guthbertson Christmas dishes that belonged to hubby' s grandmother. I had that and all the Spode that belonged to the other grandmother loaded into a huge curio cabinet in our dining room several houses ago. One night in the middle of the night we heard this huge crash and came tumbling down the steps. Spread out across the floor was piece after piece of Christmas dishes. The worst was the serving pieces that went with the Guthbertson set because they were irreplaceable. Not many of the Spode pieces broke but at least 35-40 pieces broke altogether. I was heartsick. We could not figure out why the glass self just gave way. It was 1/2" thick and did not have all that much on it.

    So it is fun to see your pieces here. I love the old fashioned look of them. xo Diana

  3. ps. I think I like the green glasses with those particular dishes...and if you don't use your gold-plate often I think Christmas is the perfect time to do it. xo Diana

  4. Beautiful decor everywhere - joyful!

  5. So beautiful Penny. I like the pink glasses, but yet the green ones are beautiful to. Mix and match them. XX Jo

  6. Penny,

    What ever you decide to use together with look beautiful no matter what. I have noticed in a lot of the decor magazines that a bit of stained wood in rooms is on the way back.... You could always recover the chairs pads or make seat covers for them. I have a bolt of beautiful pink upholstery material that i am think ing of using to recover our Dining Room chairs with. I do them about every 5 years or so. My Dad taught me how and then there was no stopping me!! LOL!
    Last year was a night mare with the installation of the new flooring and I think I am just now getting over it!! LOL! Thanks for commenting on it. Before Christmas, I finally unpacked boxes that i had up in the guest room from last Fall!! I still have to share the Guest Room decorated for Christmas and the curio that was my neighbors that is now in there....
    The tablescape is stunning!! And I am admiring your lamps that you have in each corner of the room!! LOVE those!!


  7. Beautiful tablescape! I love the pink glasses! Thank you so much for sharing on the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop!

  8. Paint them white! *um..maybe I should leave now?* White with rose covered seats....maybe not WHITE white..but just a slight bit of an off white..NOT cream. It it called Cottage White?

  9. Such gorgeous your tablescape! The pink glasses are wonderful. Your touches are always so creative

  10. Just beautiful Penny! Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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