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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Organizing the Kitchen

We are still working our way around the kitchen with our mini make over, purging, and organizing projects.  
  New paint...

When the kitchen cabinets were painted white about 7 years,  the insides "somehow" got!     When there was company in the kitchen,  I would hurry and shut the cabinet door so they couldn't see my ugly little secret.     Some of the insides will be painted white and some will get a coat of pink paint.

The corner cabinets  have had the doors removed so I can display my treasures.    I was kind of tired of the teapots that have been displayed  in them for a while,   What better time to change out the decor while they are empty for painting.

Here is the before and after....

I also removed the paper trim on the front and replaced it with some pretty monogrammed pink fabric napkins.

I had odds and ends dishes in the wooden dish drainer on the counter,  now I have a set of dishes that I use often.   I filled the shelves in the corner cabinet with three other sets of dishes.    

I bought this sweet mini buffet at the auction.   It got a coat of matching pink paint.    I lined the drawers with fabric that I am going to use in a project that you will see I work my way around the kitchen.
 The drawers are perfect to store some of my mini pink depression glass and some small crocheted  pot holders.

The mini " buffet" had a previous life as a music box and plays a sweet tune when you open the top middle drawer.

I am keeping out some of the decor that was on the counter before.   In this vignette,   I added a chicken wire silverware caddy .
What's the next project?    Look at the cabinets on the right side of the photo....above the oven........

They were part of them are pink.    I be back soon to show when the project is finished!


  1. I have been following the changes in your lovely kitchen and it is looking wonderful (I also loved the before), and you have given me the incentive to refresh my own kitchen. It's amazing how just a little paint can make a space look brand new.

  2. how lovely! I work best with a different style but love the vintage looks for others. Which leads me to a favor. We are renovating our kitchen and if you have any tips even on organizing, can you add them to my post here? I am feeling insecure. Thanks. HEre you go.

  3. I loved the green, but the pink is just as wonderful! My cabinets are a dark wood and at one time I would have loved it. My husband does not want to paint them..and I agree..but..but..HOW I wish I could. The kitchen is dark and windowless..and the lighting is of the 50's. The grain of the dark wood is gorgeous so in time I am hoping I will be happy I didn't paint it. I'll just come and see yours! :) Such a SWEET kitchen, Penny! Your decor is so much fun!!!

  4. Did you see my little fingies reaching in for the silverware caddy???? I like that! Very pretty!

  5. So pretty!!! I love the new changes. The mini buffet is so adorable and it' s perfect for your romantic kitchen

  6. I am contemplating painting my cabinets and the more I see yours, the braver I get!

  7. January is the best time for organizing... I love your I feel inspired..

  8. Penny,
    Love the changes that you have made in the Kitchen!! Once I finally get Christmas put away, I am going through all my cupboards, closets, drawers , etc. and purging!! I have accumulated so any things that I do not use.....


  9. My, but your kitchen is fit for a queen. Never so one so lovely. One thing for sure,I will not show mine.

  10. Wow, Penny. You have so many lovely things. And, I am so loving that mini-buffet jewelry box redo. It is wonderful.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for always making Pink Saturdays special.♥

  11. Hi Penny,
    Your kitchen is so pretty in pink and oh so romantic. I love it. Oh, and love, love, love your chandy!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  12. That mini buffet is darling! I'd sue it to store my demitasse spoons and appetizers forks.

  13. New paint is always fun! Really brightens up a place. Love the mixture of dishes you have in the corner cabinet and the mini buffet is too cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Beautiful Penny! Thanks for joining HSH!

  15. What a fun and pretty kitchen! The projects are great! Thanks for sharing on the Art of Home-making Mondays this week :)

    P.S. I forget to tell you in the last post that I loved how you painted the rooster top in pink!


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