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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Kitchen the home stretch

Painting the inside of our cabinets has been a long process and we are in the "home stretch" now!     This last section of cabinets that H painted has quite a few drawers.    I  donated a bunch of kitchen tools that we no longer used...duplicates...and did I accumulate all of this!

We used the last of the striped shelf liner that I had,  so the next section will be different but coordinate.    I can't  buy anymore of the striped paper like what I have been using because I bought it at the auction in a big box of paper....for a $1...that's right ....a dollar!

I had way too many serving bowls,  so I donated some of them and am going to start using my vintage bowls for every day.   
We had 8 total drawers in this section,  so H set up tables in the garage to paint them on.

This is the other side of the section that we just completed.   

Before and After

I didn't get a before photo of the silverware drawers,  but I had standard green....yes green....trays in the drawers.    H thought about building wood separations in the drawers,   but I tried to figure out something easier.    I found these white trays at the Dollar Tree and by putting them in the drawers sideways instead of up and was a perfect fit!    The trays have a snug fit so they don't slide to the back of the drawer when you shut it.

I have kitchen linens in the bottom three drawers......every day towels in one.....everyday washcloths in one....and I store my "good" decorator towels in the bottom drawer.

Each corner of this section has a lazy susan that I use for big pots,  pans, and skillets.   Short of taking out the lazy susans to paint....there is no way to reach the back of these cabinets.    I may do something with them later,  but for now,  we just left them the original colors....any suggestions?

SO,   stage three is now completed!

What is left?   The microwave cabinet and the shelves under the island.....we are in the home stretch!


  1. That is a big job well done, Penny....or almost done. I am going to have to do some of that same sorting and giving away here, too, soon. It is a big job.
    Your drawers and cabinets look beautiful!!!! xo Diana

  2. I love how you have lined your drawers with pink and white stripes. Adorable!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Penny, You have really worked at organizing. I love the striped paper. I know you probably felt like a million dollars just clearing out stuff. I think we feel better when we lighten our loads. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I did all the organizing and 'downsizing' when we remodeled our kitchen more than 3 years ago and now I'm full again, lol! Your kitchen looks gorgeous and although it was a great job, it sure looks lovely, go ahead and finish it!
    Have a lovely week dear Penny.

  5. Hi Penny! Love your pink stripes for interior - such a pretty surprise. Jane

  6. Penny,
    I love the striped paper!! You already did more drawers than I have in our entire Kitchen!! LOL!! Your cabinets before look just like mine now!! I think they may be the same cabinets!!
    This will definitely be a job for Joe when he is retired....
    Everythng looks great!!

  7. I'm in the process of organizing so I can relate. What I don't like are all the parts to all the appliances that I never use, but absolutely take up a whole drawer and I can't throw them away. Maybe I'll put them in a box in a closet and free up some prime real estate.

  8. I love the stripe paper! It' s so pretty and lovely.Everything looks wonderful and very organized.

  9. The striped paper is amazing Penny.The kitchen is going to be fabulous!

  10. An amazing transformation. Your kitchen is beautiful.

  11. Penny, Beautiful transformation; your kitchen makes me smile!!

  12. Penny, you and H are amazing! It's just beautiful. I wanted to make a suggestion. We installed sliding white pull out racks in all of our cabinets..and all I have to do now is open a cabinet door and pull out all of my cooking and baking items. No getting down on my knee's anymore. They are not inexpensive, but we found ours (luckily) at two different garage sales. One went under the sink and is stainless steel but I don't mind all that much. All of the other are white. there were enough of them to do two shelves under my stove top. Both hold lids to my pots and pans. Three went into my pantry cupboard and now I can get to everything by pulling out the drawer..and one went in the cabinet under my counter for those large baking dishes that are so heavy to lift. Now everything just pulls out. Of course I'm older and hate gettng down and hunting for something way in the back. We paid $40 for the whole kitchen. The undersink one was just $3. Just a thought. I use my cupboards clear to the back.. yep..too many
    dishes. They really look rather lacy and pretty too.
    I know. :)

  13. I love the striped paper. Everything looks so fresh and clean and it is so organized. You will love being able to easily find things now. Good job!

  14. The striped paper is fabulous and it looks perfect in your cupboards. I love having organized shelves and they're even better when they look pretty :) Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  15. I agree the striped paper is fabulous. Love your cupboards.

  16. It's always amazing to organize and discover too too many treasures!

  17. It's always amazing to organize and discover too too many treasures!

  18. Love everything you've accomplished. It must make your day to come in this beautiful little paradise for breakfast!

  19. Thank you for contributing to Motivation Monday!

  20. Love, love love what you have done so far! :)

  21. Un gran trabajo y ha quedado una cocina encantadora muy vintage.
    Saludos de las dos

  22. I LOVE the idea of painting INSIDE of the cabinets. Brilliant! Thanks so much for taking the time to join us over at the #HomeMattersParty - we hope to see you again next week! Feel free to bring a friend :)

  23. How I return time after time, to FEAST on your beautiful kitchen! We're getting new cabinets in a week or two, and I'm going PINK with anything I can---probably just the wall paint, and that wonderful rubbery netting-stuff to line drawers and shelves. Haven't settled on countertops yet, but would you tell me what your are? They are simply lovely, and I want white everywhere that's not pink. I'd keep these countertops, for they're wonderful, but I want to extend them a bit to the wall OVER the ice machine, instead of leaving it just standing there at the end.

    Having a six-burner, yard-wide BIG black Franklin stove sorta dampens the dainty effect of the whole thing, but it stands alone on one wall to the side. I just get carried away looking at all your LOVELIES, and welcome any suggestions---the floor is pale green slate, and two appliances are stainless.

    It's a second kitchen, so we're not going all out, but DH doesn't care how I colour or decorate, just so I'm happy with it, so PINK it is.


  24. Absolutely gorgeous - as always. You are so creative! Happy Pink Saturday - sharing on Facebook :) -----Kaye

  25. Looking great Penny. I would have left the lazy Susan as is too!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  26. Penny, Your kitchen makeover is turning out so beautiful!! I have the same or similar pink n white stripe paper I used as contact paper to line our shelves too. Love it. thank you again so much for linking up to the Something to Talk about Link Party and I hope you join us again tomorrow morning. Have a great Sunday, hugs, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  27. You have been working so hard on your kitchen, It looks so great! I think that finishing the inside of the cabinets is a great idea. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link party!

  28. It's so nice to be organized isn't it? Really turned out nice and I love the striped paper! I too have been pulling a few things and donating to thrift. Would love to have nothing but vintage dishes, but some of my seasonal are too cute to part with. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  29. Wow, my hats off to you for painting the inside of your cabinets, Penny! Having just painted our kitchen cabinets & every other stained oak surface in our home, I cannot imagine having had to paint the inside of everything. Fortunately, ours are a very light & smooth inside. Great job you are doing!


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