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Saturday, May 30, 2015

How I Pick the Rose Bushes for our Yard

It's no secret to anyone who follows my blog that roses are my favorite flower.   I like all roses,  but I wanted to share how I pick the right bushes to plant in our yard.

First I smell the bush that I have my eye on at the nursery.     I never buy a bush that doesn't have roses on it....I don't want any surprises when it!

 The next thing I do is read the tag.    I like for my roses to have from 70-100 petals on them.   

When the petals start falling off,   I have a pretty dish handy to lay them on to dry.    I "fluff" my petals every day to make sure no petals get left at the bottom of the pile....they turn brown.....and it's not a pretty!  

I even dry some of my roses "whole".   If you lay them in your dish to dry before the petals start dropping off,    they will stay together pretty good.

I have a freshly cut bouquet on the coffee bar this morning.

I wanted to share the two new cups I bought at Home Goods yesterday.     They are good sized and have pretty roses on them.

$3.99 each.

What's in my hen covered dish?

Why dry creamer of course...... I like to serve in fun containers!  

  Have a wonderful week end!


  1. Well, no one who knows your pretty pink feminine and lovely blog wouldn't think you are the queen of pretty soft pink roses. I can almost smell them now - love love love them!

  2. You are the "pinkest" person I know! The cups are lovely and I am awestruck every time you feature your roses.

  3. I LOVE roses, too. My favorite. I like the full ones, too, and they HAVE to smell good! xo Diana

  4. Oh my, I'm super crazy about roses, they touch my heart too! Love your new treasures and of course they have roses on them! I love them!


  5. Of course you know roses are my favorite flower too. I have not planted any new ones this year because of our water shortage..but how I would have like to. I am constantly buying things with roses on them. All of my switch plates in our home are handpainted with roses.. Your coffee cups were a real bargain. Every time someone mentions Home Goods..I get upset. I would love it if we had one near by.
    I thought you had to hang roses..and other flowers, to dry them. No??

  6. One lady in my writing group says her mother used to make beads from rose petals and that they made lovely and aromatic necklaces!

  7. Delightful and oh so full of charm . . . two sugars, please:)

  8. Love all your "roses"!!
    to grow roses years ago and they did not work out. I don't think I have the soil for it.... I tried to grow roses years ago but I do not think that I have the soil for them....

  9. Those roses are just gorgeous, I was given a small bouquet of roses from my secret sister at church and oh my they had a wonderful smell to them. You found a lovely cup too!

  10. I love roses but have no luck growing them. Yours are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  11. What neat tricks. We love roses but I never knew how to pick them. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Strangers & Pilgrims.

  12. Your roses are just gorgeous. They look so feminine and very romantic with your roses cups...fairy!

  13. There is no other flower that can compare to the beauty of the rose....they are my favorite flowers as well :) It's always a joy to have you share your loveliness with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  14. Gorgeous roses, Penny, and the cups are beautiful too! I never knew you could dry roses whole -- thanks for sharing. :)

  15. This beautiful post is being featured on my blog today as part of Tuesdays with a Twist blog hop:

  16. I think white and pink roses are the best!!! Thanks for the tips about drying them!!!


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