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Monday, June 8, 2015

Eastern New Mexico

We have had company from New York visiting since last Wednesday,  so  I 've been away from my computer.   We took a  little ride and I wanted to share some of the sight around where we live.
We have lots of wind farms in our area.    If you look real close at the sky line,  you can see rows of wind generators along the caprock.

These generators are quite large...about 200 feet tall...or more!

You can see more generators in the distance or the ridge in this photo.     

Here is one of our odd shaped mountains....
There is lots of scrub brush and cactus.    We have flat lands that are farmed and have large dairies on them.  We have about 100 dairies in our area.

We drove on over to the lake which is about 80 miles from where we live.

I didn't get any photos that show how large Ute lake is....but it's pretty good sized.

I thought this wooden pick up was picture "worthy"!

And these iron dogs caught my eye....

We drove on about 30 miles further to Tucumcari,  New Mexico.

Tucumcari is located on I40,  so it has lots of cute hotels and motels....

We stopped at their local McDonalds for a cool drink.    The two lovely ladies you can see are H's sister and his brothers wife.

Southwest Ronald McDonald.

Our company will be leaving in a few days and I will be back to my regular posting....see you soon!


  1. Neat pictures! So different from our landscape in Northern Ohio.

  2. How fun, cute pics and I adore that wood truck.

  3. What a nice little tour. I've only been through the southern portion of NM from Tucson to El Paso then into TX, so it's nice to see a few other spots. Enjoy your company! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Hi Penny
    How fun to see some place different from where I live. Looks like you all had a great time
    love that wood truck

  5. that wood truck is a hoot!!!! and Betty Boop in the trailer--adorable!

  6. Great photos! The scenery is beautiful, And I love the size of the camper!

  7. Tucumcari. That name brings back such memories. Yes, I've been there. My father was born in New Mexico.
    Briefly, my late husband of 43 years, Patrick, made up a cute little story of "How Tucumcari got it's name" and told it to our seven children while we traveled through. We were on our way to Florida from California...and that's a long trip for seven little ones to be cooped up in a VW van. Anyway..perhaps I'll tell you the story one day. I smile just remembering.
    I've never been fond of the look of the generators but know they are probably necessary.. We have them all over California too. Thanks for sharing your photo's Penny.

  8. We have made the drive through NM and it's awesome! Oh my, that truck is something that I'd love to have! Betty Boop, cracks me up! Oh and back to that truck, it would look so darn cute filled with flowers! How nice to take your NY friends around on such a neat drive~

  9. What a nice trip you had! Isn't is fun to see all the different and sometimes crazy things along the way! That's what makes the best memories to share!

  10. Penny,
    Amazing and so different than here in Pa.! Very interesting to see! Thanks for sharing!! I hope you enjoyed your company! Glad you are back from your break! I am always excited to see what you are up too!!


  11. Looks like you enjoyed a great ride, love the wooden truck!

  12. What a lovely tour! Enjoy your company


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