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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bride and Groom's Wedding Reception Table

Tomorrow is the wedding and everything is ready........I think...I hope I haven't forgot!  

  I have the bride and groom's table in the family room........right in front of the fireplace.

H and the groom's dad will be on each end of the table,   and the groom's mother  and I will sit across from our newly married children.

We moved a lot of the furniture out of the family room and set up two banquet tables in addition to the table that is always in there. .

Close family will be at these tables.....

Kyleigh and some of the groom's young  niece's and nephews will sit on the bench.   

All of the cooking is done and the buffet will be on the island in the kitchen.    

Did I mention that I am also the photographer?    

  I am so excited to be taking  the wedding photo's....hope I get some really good shots!


  1. Wow Penny! What a beautiful reception this will be. Congratulations! I hope you share photos with us.

  2. When you've taken five pictures of one thing, take five more! Someone is always looking the other way, or an eye is closed! Lol Hey no pressure Penny! Lol, Looks smashing! Enjoy! ♥

  3. You will have a beautiful day - Enjoy it all! Blessings, Cindy

  4. Best wishes for a glorious day!!! So excited to see the pictures!!!

  5. Penny,
    Everything is just drop dead gorgeous!! I am so looking forward to seeing the photos of what will surely be a day to remember for all of your family!!
    Wishing you , your daughter and the whole family a wonderful Wedding Day!!

    Many Hugs,

  6. WOW! How beautiful Penny, everything is so gorgeous! And what a blessing your daughters wedding. You get
    5 Stars, wishing you, bride & groom many happy days. Would like to share this day on my Blog Casual Elegance by Beverly Girolomo. I have a wedding page. Enjoy the day, looking forward to the see the pictures.......blessings & hugs xoxo

  7. Whoooo Hooooo! Happy wedding day, Penny. You know you will probably forget "something"..and guess what? It won't matter one whit! Trust me- I have been down that path several times. xo Diana

  8. Oh, My Goodness!!

    I've been so out of all the loops that there are, with all this renovation and getting everything shipshape at home.

    This is absolutely like nothing I've ever seen before---the creativity and charm and the sheer TIME it must have taken to plan and gather and create and execute---Oh..My. This is the Pink Saturday post of ALL TIME.

    My Congratulations and Felicitations to all---Bride, Groom, Family, Guests---what a splendid, welcoming fete, and Fait Accompli.

    I'm amazed and delighted, and know everyone honored to be there will be simply stunned at the elegance and exquisite detail. I WAS going to head out for some errands this lovely October day, but I'm tempted to go make a pot of tea and settle in to ALL the prelude to this absolutely perfect occasion. Golly-Gosh.


  9. Everything is perfect. The wedding will be a romantic dream..i' m sure! Happy wedding day!

  10. It is all just magical and beautiful!!

  11. Beautiful table settings and all is so well thought out!!! Simply beautiful and so very lovely!!! Where do you find the energy???

  12. Everything is just gorgeous for the special day. Your hard work shows. We are so glad you share with us at Merry Monday! It is all quite magical.


  13. I missed this post and I'm so glad I found it. Gorgeous! You have gone to so much work for your daughter. You are a great Mom!!

  14. SO beautiful. You thought of every little detail. It is gorgeous.

  15. Congratulations! Everything looks beautiful!

  16. What else is there to say but just, WOW! Jaw - dropping gorgeous! Your attention to detail and beautiful choices makes a special place for the bride and groom on this very special day.


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