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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's Make a Witch

In past years I have made life size witches using a  dress form,  but this year I took a different approach.   I used a coat rack!
 (I have a simple tutorial later in this post)
The dress I used on my coat rack was the one that Kyleigh wore last year for Halloween.

I did add a few touches of my own to her dress....

For my coat rack witch,  I used a store bought witch hat with feathers around the brim.    I wanted the hat to be taller,  so I added on another layer of hat by making a simple hat from newspaper .  I made a cone out of three thicknesses of  newspaper.....cut a brim also using three thicknesses.  and stapled the two together.
Here's a close up of my newspaper hat with the taller cone.....I just sat it on my base hat.

I used some clip on roses that were originally Christmas ornaments to decorate my hat.   The clip on's already had the pearls and ribbon on them.    These clip on roses have been so versatile,   I think the last time you saw them they were clipped on to a chandy.

I gave my witch a glittery silver mask

I added matching clip on roses to the skirt

I tied a pretty pink scarf around my witches waist

I found her a pair of shoes in my closet,  they aren't regular witch shoes,  but it's all I had. to my short tutorial.

  I had a $7 auction coat rack.      I loved the way someone married all this stuff together.

I hung some net on the coat hooks.....the net is the kind you use to wrap around tree's to keep the birds from eating your fruit.
  I bought it at a yard sale  for a couple of dollars.

 I hung Kyleigh's Halloween dress on the coat hooks....

I wanted the dress to be a little longer,  so I pinned a couple of black can-can's to the bottom of the original dress.  The can can's are also old Halloween costumes.
In the third photo you can see how I just clipped the roses onto the skirt bottom.

I had so much fun doing this project!     If you would like to make a witch this Halloween,   I hope my short tutorial was helpful


  1. This is so awesome!! Thank you for sharing and inspiring!
    The Rad Wife

  2. Your granddaughter looks so sweet and pretty in her Halloween dress!!! Thank you for showing step-by-step pictures on how to create your pretty witch!!!

  3. Would love to see a clear view of your little tea table with the witch, skeleton, etc.

  4. Wow - where do you get all of your energy??? I can't believe you are decorating for Halloween after just doing all of that work for the wedding - YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! Great idea using the coat rack - looks fabulous!

  5. you are just so creative and that is so cool!!

  6. You are amazing!!!! This is a gorgeous project. Thank you very much for the fantastic tutorial

  7. Penny,
    I just love this project!! What a great idea to use a coat rack!! Amazing!!

    Your grand daughter is so sweet!!


  8. What an ingenious idea to use a coat rack for the base of your witch. Great tutorial too! Thank you so much for linking up to the very first Vintage Charm party. Hope to see you here every Thursday at 8:00 AM EST!

  9. I'm so glad to find someone who obviously agrees with my theory that pink can be used to decorate for any and all holidays! Thanks for sharing this with our readers at this month's Pretty Preppy Party!


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