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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Metallics and Pumpkins for a Fall Wedding

Our daughter's wedding is next Saturday and things are starting to come together.     I was playing with the table decorations today and thought I would give you a sneak preview....

Melissa's colors are so pretty for a fall wedding.    Her home is decorated with the colors we are using in the wedding,   so many of  the things will fit right into her home after the wedding.

H and I picked up the pumpkins today that will be used on the reception tables.       The pumpkins we are using are grown right here in Eastern New Mexico and we got them at the Farmers Market from the young man that actually grew them!

Here is a sample of the decor that will be on the reception tables.

I needed some copper to go with the other metallic colors that she is using,  but I didn't have any.....hard to believe,  huh!    So,  I decided to try some copper metallic paint.    

 I gave the mirror frame a couple of coats to completely cover the gold......
But on the candelabra's I just did a dry brush and let the original color show thru.
I used a metallic paint called Worn Penny.     

Along with real pumpkins,   we are also using faux metallic ones.

We made two aqua mason jar candles for each table.     We all worked on them....even the  each one has it's own personality!

Each 10 foot table will have a burlap runner and  two  Mercury Glass votive candle holders.

The pumpkins will be on  silver chafing dishes.

Aqua pearls and glass pebbles will be scattered around on the tables.      

And of favorite thing is the wedding you those later    

Be back soon with more updates on the wedding!


  1. What fun, Penny. Is she giving you pretty much free rein with the decorations? I love a fall wedding, too! xo Diana

  2. Looks like you are moving right along, so much fun! I like how the 'worn penny' paint worked! Enjoy it all! Blessings, Cindy

  3. So pretty - it will be a lovely wedding!

  4. Looks nummy Penny …a feast for the eyes. Hope you have gorgeous weather!
    thanks for letting us have a peek, Sandi

  5. Thanks for all the good ideas.

  6. Oh, I just love weddings - and how wonderful that you personally get to help your daughter with the decorations. So looking forward to seeing the tables all set up with those gorgeous pumpkins!

  7. Such pretty things, I always feel like I'm being pampered when I come to your site and see these lovely blingy photos.

  8. Those pumpkins with the peachy pink cast to them are just beautiful! You are so fortunate to have many things you need on hand. It's going to be a stunning wedding and from all you have said about your daughter, her taste is a wonderful as your own. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  9. Penny,
    Beautiful decorations!!
    I love the metallics especially the copper ones. Rustoleum makes a great Copper Spray paint. I have used it on different things in the kitchen.
    I hope you take lots of pictures!!

    Great pumpkins!!

  10. It will be a wonderful wedding. Beautiful decors

  11. Love the metallic pumpkins and this whole look!

  12. So pretty! Love the mix of metallics and pumpkins. Great for a fall wedding!

  13. You and your daughter are a true team!!! She's so lucky to have you...everything looks so well planned and absolutely darling!!!

  14. coming together so beautifully and wonderful to add pumpkins from a local farmer!

  15. Love the mixture of copper and mercury glass with the pops of blue. Thank you for sharing at MerryMonday!

  16. All of these are super cute!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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