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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Tablescape Using Yard Sale Dishes

How many of you have a group to feed at Thanksgiving but not enough matching dishes to set the table?    That has been my problem for years.......30 guests and a serving for 8 set of dishes that are alike!  
We always have more than one table....who has a table to seat!    So,  I have each table set different.    But sometimes I also don't have a service for 8 that match.

I have done several posts with different tablescapes this season and I want to show you how they can all be combined

But first I want to show you how I dressed my deer for Thanksgiving.    I made a pretty bonnet out of newspaper for her and I bought a Pilgrim hat at a party shop for $4 for him.

I also want to share how I made a simple centerpiece for the table.    My ceramic carrot cake was a yard sale purchase several years ago.    I don't remember how much,  but I don't normally spend over $5 for my "food"

I added a brass deer.....a white turkey....and a couple of candle sticks to complete the centerpiece.  

I wanted to give you a close up of the "pedestal" that my carrot cake is on.    I bought the round copper tray at a yard sale last week end for $1 .   I sat a copper metal candle holder in the center and placed my cake on the top.   I bought the copper candle holder at the same yard sale...also a dollar.

Now to the dishes!     Yard sale dishes are never complete sets,  but they are cheap.    In this pattern I have 6 plates ......1 saucer....3 teacups... 4 small bowls  and 5 dessert plates that are alike.   

I bought some pretty paper plates at Tuesday Morning to add some layers to my tablesetting and  to stretch my few dishes to make a table to seat 6 people.

I was able to make 2 setting alike for the heads of the table,   2 sets alike for one side,  and 2 sets alike for the other side.

Here are the 3 different settings.    Notice how they all have different glasses,  napkin rings,  deer heads,  bowls, saucers, and pumpkins.   I only have 3 tea cups,  so I put 1 at each end and packed the other one back up.
  I think it all works!

Now on to the  tables that you  have set up for the other 24 guests!      

By keeping the color scheme's alike......

All of the place setting look similar....but not alike!

If you want to see more of the other two tablescapes ,  

 click here

    and here

I have all my Thanksgiving tablescapes planned it's time to think about the food!

When Thanksgiving is over,   I will pack away all the owls and decorate the tree for Christmas!


  1. So lovely! You are the best at setting a table.


  2. So imaginative, Penny! And the fact that it was all things others did not want and cost so little makes it all even more wonderful!

  3. Good Morning Penny
    What beautiful tables* love how all the settings don't match. I think its much prettier that way. Your deer are so cute with their hats :)
    have a great day Penny

  4. I always enjoy coming here to see what you are doing... when do you sleep?

  5. Another fabulous table setting! You are so talented and very inventive

  6. Brilliant!! Thanks for showing us how you use what you have and make it beautiful.
    Have a great Thursday!

  7. You are such a dynamo!!! Everything looks absolutely wonderful, and I am jealous over how much holiday decorating you have done already. Your home must always make guests feel so welcomed, appreciated and loved .

  8. Penny, this is one of your best posts. All the settings are elegant and no one will feel like they got the leftover dishes. Oh my and 30, I'm having only 7 this year, which is a treat in a sense! Happy Thanksgiving, Sandi

  9. Oho, SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! I am "sharing on my FB pages! Many thanks for linking up at Vintage Charm!

  10. Love that you go to such an effort for so many!! And personally, I love the mixed up place setting look :)

  11. Everything looks so pretty together!

  12. Unas ideas geniales pero lo que más me llamó la atención como vistes a los ciervos esto es lo más!
    Recibe saludos de Revelo&ideaslowcost

  13. Unas ideas geniales pero lo que más me llamó la atención como vistes a los ciervos esto es lo más!
    Recibe saludos de Revelo&ideaslowcost

  14. Penny,
    Everything looks beautiful! Lovely dishes and paper plates! You always find the prettiest paper plates!! I am working Mon., Tues, and Wed, nights this coming week. The kids are coming for 4 pm on Thursday for dinner. It will just be the 5 of us. I will than be off Thurs. and Fri. nights so I hope to decorate the Powder Room those days and then I will be done!! But I am sure I will be doing a lot of tweaking afterward!!


  15. Penny this is just gorgeous. We are waiting until after Thanksgiving but I am getting so excited to decorate.

  16. Gorgeous tables! Anyone who is your guest should feel very pampered and welcome with the lovely table settings. You have a wonderful way of putting pieces together.

  17. Everything is gorgeous, Penny! Congratulations--you are being featured at Thursday's Vintage Charm party! Happy Thanksgiving, Cecilia

  18. Your table is so elegant and lovely...but the best is your Pilgrim deer, just love it.

  19. Beautiful Setting and I love the deer! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Pinned!


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