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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Let's Go Antiquing

The snow finally melted enough to go out and do a little "antiquing"........

I took a few photo's to share.....

I didn't buy anything.....

Just enjoyed being out of the house.....

I saw some very unusual things......

Went upstairs and down stairs......

saw a few things to put on my wish list.....

I'm thinking ahead about some spring decorating......

I collect Dessert Rose,  so I lingered a little longer at this display.....

I found it hard to resist buying these gorgeous dishes......

Another item on my wish list.....

This antique mall is an old bowling alley .....

This is my favorite booth.....

Thanks for joining me on my antiquing trip!


  1. Just wonderful! Lots of inspiration! hugs, Leticia

  2. Todo muy bello, pero los PLATOS VERDES, aissss que MARAVILLA!!!
    Ya mismo los veo en tu CASA :))))

  3. You are a lady after my own heart! There is nothing like taking a nice long stroll through an antique mall. The hubby often laughs at me because the first thing I do when I walk in is take a deep breath....I love that stale musty smell...all those treasures just waiting to be found!

    Of course, within half an hour his giggles turn to groans as he realizes I will not leave until I have investigated every single booth in the store! Even if I don't buy a thing, it is still a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

  4. This is a lovely store and I can see many things that would go on my wish list

  5. So many pretty things that i would have loved to take home with me!!
    Thanks so much for sharing, penny! We had snow flurries but no accumulation so we still have not got our 1st inch of snow yet!!


  6. I would love to go with you! My mom has her first set of dishes from when she married--Desert Rose!

  7. I think the trunk AND those gorgeous green dishes should have come home with you. I don't care how many dishes I have, I would have bought those. *SWOON*

  8. I love the trunk...a great place to store linens and lace! Thanks for the little tour!

  9. Now that was great fun! I have a feeling the hunt is on now for your trunk - A La Penny!

  10. it's two weeks until my favorite antique show and I can't wait...grins, 1 week into the new year and I'm already stir-crazy! Thanks for the great tour!, Sandi

  11. What fun! I got a kick out of the duck wearing the denim jacket! Your favourite booth would be mine as well. Thanks for taking us along with you and Happy New Year!


  12. Looks like a great place! I love the cows in the first pic!

  13. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip! I would buy everything!

  14. I love antiquing! I love that white trunk! I took pictures from my last visit to a local antique store, but I haven't gotten around to sharing them yet. I will soon.

  15. When we lived in MT we were always going anywhere we knew was an antique store. Even some closer to home. Helena and our own town (Townsend) south of Helena were great sources of spending yummy afternoons in winter poking in nooks and crannies for every delectable treasure. Hubs got to be quite a scrounger too. SAme thing when we lived in KY, there's a wonderful little town north east of Bowling Green called Smith's Grove just full of incredible antique stores. Many a day spent there. That was my first go to when I was alone and wanted to find some lovely little treasure to take home. Hubs was on road alot so I had loads of time to go antiquing.
    You sure found lots of awesome treasures on your little side trip. Wonder what you'll go back to buy, maybe that delicious trunk? I'm not quite up to being on my feet for very long yet, get tired quickly since surgery but soon will be ready again. Groan says hubs. Cold wintery days are perfect for antiquing don't you agree? Happy New Year.

  16. Love that trunk too! But it's hard to find space for bigger things anymore as you probably know. Isn't it fun to get out a little?

  17. How did you pass on those dishes? I know I would have to because we just don't have the space, but oh, the tablescapes that I could create with them.

    Thanks for the little bit of shopping. I am in my "declutter" phase so a virtual shopping trip where I can't actually buy anything is best.

    Glad you Shared Your Cup!

  18. So neat! These are some cute finds!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  19. How fun to join you in your antiquing venture Penny! Thank you for sharing this week at the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Hope your new year is off to a great start! :)

    ~JES @ Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth

  20. Thank you, Penny, for linking up with Let's Talk Vintage last week! Today I am featuring everyone so be sure to hop over and take a look! Enjoy your day!

  21. What a great antique store! I love visiting them exploring every single inch. I always end up finding something really great and unique. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!


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