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Monday, February 22, 2016

Spring Decorating in the Dining Room Cabinet

One of my friends gave me this sweet stuffed lamb that she made.....isn't she the cutest thing in her frilly pink dress!

I wanted her to have a special  place,  so I put her front and center on the display cabinet ledge.....

I decided to let her ride on a ceramic lamb that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago....

Little Bo Peep has quite a flock of sheep......I have been collecting them for a long!

This white ceramic sheep is my favorite in the collection.....

Bunnies and ducks ........

I tried to take some photo's without the doors open and there was way too much glare.    It was a real pain to get the doors open since I had already hung my banner......

Here is the other end of the cabinet......and of course more sheep!

Isn't this a sweet sheep couple?

It has been in the 70's the last few weeks,  but we have a cold front coming thru tomorrow that will drop the temp down in the 40's for a high.    I think I'll just stay home and play with my spring stuff!


  1. Hello Penny,
    Wow, you have such an amazing collection of china, lambs, bunnies and ducks! How lovely! I am amazed at how wonderful it all looks together. I can imagine just how hard it is to photograph. If it is cold, you have plenty to play with indoors for sure, how lovely : )

  2. Dear Penny:
    All I can say is Baaaaaaaaaaaaa and Quack Quack! This looks so darling. I love how cheerful it all is - bright and fresh and cheery! Great fun and so glad you shared.

  3. Penny, what a darling collection of sheep you have! Oh my, they are so cute! I really enjoyed looking at all your your things; the sheep, bunnies and ducks! It surely looks like springtime at your house! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Your collection of sheep is such adorable. The couple of sheeps is very sweet

  5. Penny,
    So many sweet sheep! I think I need to start looking for more sheep for my Easter decorations......Your cabinet looks stunning!

  6. Hi Penny, oh my heart, lambs have a special place in my heart, I raised one when I was young and it was like a pet, followed me everywhere. Then a sad thing happened, he vanished, I ask where he went and noone would tell me, then one day I was asked to go to the freezer for something....need I say more :( But I love your collection, so darn cute!!

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us on the #OMHGWW!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  7. Wow oh wow. That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  8. I love your gorgeous display cabinet!! And all those sheep are just adorable!

  9. After seeing all of your beautiful Easter decorations, I am determined to bring my Easter things down from the attic. And, I think I need to go shopping for a few sheep.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  10. Beautiful! I love the sheep. Amazing as always Penny! Thanks for linking up at The Gathering Spot!


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