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Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Flip Side

I haven't decorated the family room fireplace mantel for Spring yet,   but I have got the cabinets on each side of the fireplace done.  

This is the display cabinet on the left side of the fireplace.....

In the photo on the left,  you see the spring decor on the top of the cabinet that sits on the left side of the fireplace

The photo on the right shows the decor on the top of cabinet that sits to the right of the fireplace

When I get the fireplace and cabinets  all pulled together,  I will do another post.

Left side....................................................................................Right side

I have my mother's favorite gold tea set stored in this cabinet.......

I decorated the top of the cabinet with foiled bunny and glitzy eggs in a crocheted and starched Easter basket

This lamp doesn't match the one on the other side,  but it does have the lion head design on it.    Funny story......they both were part of a set,  but their mate was broken!      My mother broke the mate to the pink one on the other side,  and my daughters cat broke the mate to this one.      

I wanted the bunnies and eggs to compliment the egg garland that is hung across the bottom of the mantel.

 I am making a wreath to hang over the mantel that will have these same eggs in it.

The gold tea set in the cabinet has 6 cups and saucers.....

6 dessert dishes,....
I should have taken a better photo as you can only see a corner of one on the second shelf

The tea pot,  creamer & sugar bowl

Here is a closer look at the tea pot
  I haven't been able to find any info on this set,  so if you know anything ....please let me know!  (There isn't any pink in the pattern....that's the reflection of my shirt in the ladies upper!)

I have a Mama bunny and her baby sitting in the chair next to the cabinet .....just like I have in the chair on the flip side....

Mama bunny is dressed in a yellow chenille suit with pink chenille flowers and baby bunny has on a green suit.

I plan to get the wreath made tomorrow that will hang over the mantel  and get this side of the family room finished!


  1. Penny, I think you have been a princess in another life. You have some many sweet treasure . You decorate in a beautiful girly style. Soft and adorable. I love that little display cabinet. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Penny, has your home ever been in a cottage magazine? It should be! I feel the sudden need to get bunnies and pretty spring things out right. now!

    Thank you so much for linking with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You make us so happy to be part of blog land.

    Pinned. :)

  3. you are ready for the Easter bunny my sweet friend. Sooo cute! Please tell me you shared this at my Thursday hop ( you can link up until Saturday midnight) xo

  4. Penny your collection of foiled rabbits are just gorgeous!
    It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.

  5. Penny,
    The gold tea set is drop dead gorgeous!! And I adore those foil bunnies, so sweet!!
    I still have Christmas up in the upstairs that I need to take down which I am starting today and will finish next week as I will be off for 3 days after working this weekend. Then I will start Easter decorating. I know it will take me awhile because again, I have not really decorated for Easter in 2 years.....


  6. The cabinet is very pretty and i love the gold tea set, it's very precious and elegant

  7. Your spring cabinets are so elegant with the foil bunnies and gold tea set. Thank you for sharing your treasures and how you decorate with them at Vintage Charm. sb

  8. Amazing! Your beautiful arrangements remind me of a lovely tea room I once visited in Ocean Grove on the Jersey shore. Thanks for sharing your very memorable collections.

  9. My mom and grandmother used to crochet baskets like the one you have here! LOVE! Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design!

  10. Everything is so cute! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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