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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to get More Storage

I don't think there are very many people that couldn't use another storage cabinet!     Trouble is,  you can't really loose the space that a new cabinet would take up,  right?    If you can spare loosing 6" into a room,  then this cabinet is for you!   Look at how little space my new cabinet comes out into the entry,  in fact it takes less space than the table I had there before.

H made my cabinet with a pair of yard sale shutters  ($4 for all)  and $58  for  lumber.    It is made from 1x4x8's and took an afternoon to assemble.  

Look at all the storage!     I had one like this in another house we lived in that was on a small wall in the kitchen.   I put a vintage door on my 36" x 8' tall storage unit.....H built that one too!    

Why is the right side of the cabinet so empty? 

Because I have left plenty of room to  put my collection of sheep in there when I change out the decor in the entry.

The shelves are wide enough to store are only limited by the 4" shelves.

The left shows the table that I had there before.    I always felt like I needed to fill in the space left under the shelves above the table.
 Now,  in the photo  on the right,  you can see I have a cabinet the length of the shelves above it and a less cluttered look.

I am also making changes to the other side of the back with a post when I'm finished.

I have a English Cottage Garden theme in the entry and I thought my green depression glass was perfect for the shelf above my new cabinet!


  1. Great inventive idea! My Mom did basically the same thing in her kitchen - just took a small space between a window and door and make a narrow cabinet - just wide enough to hold canned goods. So much storage.

    Great project!


  2. You guys are amazing, utilizing the space for storage. Mr H is very handy!!
    Thanks for sharing om Wonderful Wednesday!
    Have a great week!

  3. This is a perfect idea - I was so surprised to see how much it could hold!! Love it!

  4. Great storage idea, but you must spend a lot of time dusting!

  5. Wow! This is wonderful. How clever your hubby is to be such a great handy man. I love your cabinet and it holds so much!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Clever use of the space! We can always use more storage...your hubs is a good carpenter...

  7. PENNY!! I am amazed at this!! What a fantastic idea. I could use something like this in my upstairs hall way!! Can H come to Pa. and build me one??? LOL!!
    You two never cease to amaze me!!

  8. Wow Penny, you two are always up to some kind of good work in your home, aren't you?
    Incredible/smart idea to gain storage but preserve space. Great look with shutters to close storage away from sight.
    Can't see it very well but was oogling your green depression glass pieces, lucky lady. When do you put those pieces out for display? Love me some depression glass.
    Happy daze

  9. Amazing idea! You are always so clever.

  10. I'm one of those people who has asked, "Where do you put it all," and these posts are so great, because it shows how organized and methodical you are with your beautiful things. Thanks for sharing your great storage ideas, Sandi.

  11. IN a small home like ours I'm always looking for more storage space! Great idea.

  12. Hi Penny, Clever idea for storage! Love your green depression glass. Blessings, Janet

  13. Cheers to your vision and to H's handyness!! Looks like a fantastic collection of glassware.

  14. I love the extra storage in your hall and a perfect reuse for old shutters. Great work. Pinned. Best wishes, Linda @Crafts a la mode

  15. What a clever idea for storage - who would have thought 4" could provide that much storage!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Penny what a brilliant idea. I love how you were able to create so much storage with so little space. And your collections are beautiful. I am looking forward to you joining us again this week at Sweet Inspiration. It runs Friday to Tuesday.Have a great Mother's Day Weekend.

  17. What a marvelous idea! I'm going to figure out how to do this someplace in my home.
    Blessings, Leigh

  18. I just love this idea Penny...thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time

  19. This is such a neat idea, Penny. My husband's grandmother had a cabinet kind of like this that was a pantry. It's such a good idea because in deeper cabinets, things get lost. This way it's easy to see everything. Plus your shutters look great!

    Happy TOHOT. :)

  20. Awesome way to add additional storage! Love it Penny! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  21. Your shutter cabinet as extra storage is brilliant AND pretty! Thank you for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  22. This cabinet is a great idea! I love how pretty it looks. Thanks so much for stopping by Inspiration Thursday!

  23. Penny, what a fantastic cabinet for storage. Your sheep collection is so cool. Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  24. That shutter storage is brilliant, Penny! Wow... I'd love to have a row of those! Amazing how little space it takes up too!


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