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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Petite Garden Conservatory

Petite garden conservatory,  mini greenhouse,  terrarium.......whatever you prefer to call these little structures.....aren't they sweet!    
  H built me one several years ago from some old windows,  but sadly it didn't make it thru the winter and we had to say  goodbye to it this spring.

I ran across some windows at a yard sale over the weekend and added to the ones I already had on hand,  I had enough to make a new greenhouse/conservatory.      
 On the right side of the first photo,  you can see my new windows leaned up against the garage opening.   On the left side of the photo,  you can see a little bit of the DF that H decided to use as the bottom     H loves DP's ,  so we usually have one on hand for projects.
  The photo on the right side shows the completed project. 

We have never really decorated the  side yard to the left of the driveway,  so it seemed to be the perfect place for our mini greenhouse.

I had a chandy hung from the top of my old greenhouse,   so I thought I would do something different with the new one.    Lanterns are so trendy right now,  so that seemed to be the perfect choice.....especially since it was 80% off at HL. 

The windows that I already had on hand were very plain single pane,  so I added a picture frame to the outside.......

I also hung a string of birds above the window to dress it up a little more.

I can see the new mini greenhouse from my chair when I sit on the porch.......

I have two adirondack lounge chairs,  a wicker settee and  old trunk to add some seating to the area.

I also brought these two chairs down from the porch......they seemed to make it a little crowded on the porch.

Didn't H do a wonderful job on this project?

The utility trailer is on the opposite side of the circular driveway  ( I couldn't get it the photo)     So,  with the addition of the mini greenhouse the yard seems more balanced to me now.      One of these days,   I'll walk across the street to our neighbors house and take a photo of the entire's toooo hot to do it today!


  1. You guys are amazing always busy somewhere at home making another area so beautiful and welcoming. I love the miniature greenhouse, good job with the frame!!
    Thank you for sharing on the #OMHGWW this week!
    Have a great week!

  2. Love all the added details...lantern, picture frame, birds, all makes it extra special and so pretty. The W.I. chairs make for a lovely vignette. I've been wanting to make a conservatory for forever. Another one of my "someday" projects. Yaaaa, I have too many projects and not enough days haha! Hugs,

  3. Bonjour chère amie,

    Votre serre miniature est adorable ! J'aime beaucoup beaucoup !

    Merci pour ce délicieux partage.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  4. I don't know how you do it but every post has such awesome ideas. I really happy you share.

  5. I have a huge stash of windows and have been waiting for the muse to strike, adding the frames is a great idea...and i have a bunch of those. Thanks for such great ideas, Penny.

  6. I love it all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. awesome. That would be so cool as a free library. I never thought of using windows to make one.
    Thanks for posting. Saw you on the Party in your PJs link up :D

  8. Penny,

    I'm just looking my eyes full of your header photo---what a charming scene, just that much of the arrangement, perfect and whole, and I KNOW I wouldn't get another lick of work done for a while, for simply going out to gaze on it. And to have it right outside your door, done by your own (four) hands! What a resplendent achievement, and what a delightful space to share.


  9. Oh my gosh Penny, I absolutely adore your Mini Greenhouse! Such a clever idea and now I just HAVE to have one in my back yard. Pinning to share :)

  10. Your Mr. H is one talented man! What a blessing he is to you..and you to him for that matter! He can put together almost anything for you. It's jut PLAIN WONDERFUL!! :)

  11. I love your petite garden conservatory. I passed up on one once because I didn't know what to do with it. I should have just asked you!

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Gorgeous little green house! Great find on those windows. And I'm drooling over your lantern, so pretty!

  13. Too hot is right, Penny! Thank you for sharing your charming petite green house at Vintage Charm! Blessings, Cecilia

  14. I'm just jealous because I've always wanted one of those!! It's so pretty and just a touch Victorian.

    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home. Pinning.

  15. Congratulations, your petite garden conservatory is beautiful. You've done a great job!

    Sandra and Dani

  16. Penny,
    I am playing catch up again... LOVE this new sweet project!! H. is a master at carpentry and you are the master in imagination and the both of you make such a fantastic team!! The whole vignette is amazing!!


  17. Your little conservatory is adorable, Penny! Cute as a button! I love it and what a fabulous job your H did building it for you. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  18. Dear Penny:
    So many creative touches and unique creations. Thanks for sharing and linking this conservatory.

  19. Oh my goodness...I love this idea! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  20. Love your garden conservatory. I'd love to make a smaller version for our yard.
    Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight party. Shared See you again soon.

  21. Penny, what a beautiful take on a conservatory! Your imagination knows no bounds! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frou-Frou this week. I hope you'll join me again for the new linkup. Mimi xxx

  22. Congrats Penny - your beautiful conservatory is one of our treasured features at this week's Inspire Me Monday Party at Create With Joy! :-)

  23. Oh so cute!!! I love how you dressed it up. I've always thought I needed fancy old windows but I see now that any ole window will work with a little styling. :) gwingal


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