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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Treasure Hunt

I went  to a few yard sales yesterday and did a little shopping.  

Fall and Christmas decor is already out in the stores and the back to school sales have started........summer is just flying by!

Here are my treasures from this week ends hunt.     What is that white wire thing on the right you ask.......

It's a bowl holder.

  It will be perfect to hang some of my big decorative bowls on the wall.

This music box will find a home in one of my fairy gardens.....

Can't pass up a nice Battenburg lace tablecloth......

Pretty china pieces.....the ceramic bunnies were .50 each

I don't know if I've mentioned that H  collects Corning ware.     The box of Corning ware has never been opened.....and doesn't have a bar code.    So I would say it was made sometime before the early 70's when the stores first started using bar codes    He bought the unopened box and  all the loose pieces you see for $15

I went to a yard sale that this guy was selling his sister's stuff for her........he sold me the silver tea pot,  plate,  and sugar/creamer for $5!     He said he didn't want to have to pack anything back up for his sister so he was selling everything cheap.    I'd hate to be him when his sister finds out what he sold her stuff!
  The other two silver pieces came from a different sale.

I like to set a pretty table,  so I always pick up place mats when I find them in good shape and at a reasonable price.

I snapped a few photos of some pretty yards that caught my eye when we were driving around to different yard sales Saturday.

This front yard had mass plantings of  Caladium' pretty

H is out in the garage this afternoon  working his magic on some yard sale pieces.....can't wait to show you !

Where I Party........


  1. Now, wait a I see pink cabinets? if So, what shade of paint (the name, I mean) very pretty. I love those placemats. Have a beautiful week, thank you for the smiles.

  2. Penny - Lots of goodies! Love the silver tea service.


  3. You have a lovely, unique home! I love yard saling as well! You can find some great treasures that way and looks like you surely did! Love the tablecloth! Thanks for sharing at the Family Joy Linkup!

  4. Penny,
    Love all your new treasures!!! The silver tea set is wonderful and I have the same Corningware pieces!! You always do well with your treasure hunting!!

  5. You and your hubs find the best stuff! And you use it and show us how it looks! Is your Hoosier cabinet a Boone or a Sellers? We had a Sellers when I was growing up but it is long gone.

  6. Beautiful finds especially the china pieces

  7. so many items to make a whimsical look love it
    come see us at

  8. I am so glad you 2 have so much fun recreating and yard sale adventures. Looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing and linking.

  9. Looks like another productive adventure, Penny. Love the silver tea set and I agree with you. That guy is going to be in hot water with his sister! You did very well. Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Lovely finds, better than the yard sales around here.

  11. HI Penny, catching up here. I believe the corning ware is there very first pattern. I know I have the Pennsylvania Dutch pattern that was 1968. So the blue cornflower patter could be earlier even, as I seem to remember the box from the early 60's. Great finds, would love to come and pick by your for sure, Sandi

  12. You have collected more beautiful things for your lovely home.
    I have a weakness for silverplate and corning wear too.
    Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home.
    We are so glad you are here.

    I look forward to seeing you next week.
    White Spray Paint

  13. I love to hunt treasure on the weekends too, Penny! Thank you for sharing yours @Vintage Charm!

  14. Looks like you found some great things!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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