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Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Treasure Hunt

H and I drove over to Amarillo Texas Saturday to have lunch and go to a FEW yard!   There were 60 sales listed in the news paper and lots with just signs out at busy intersections.

I have been on a quest to find houses to give a makeover,   but I found these that are good to go just like they are.  

Bakery and Sweet Shop


Side of them...

Back view.......

and the other side.

The pitcher is minus it's lid......

but,   I can use it as a vase.

I love the detail on the Fitz and Floyd pieces that I have picked up over the years.

I also found a white ceramic Christmas tree.  

 It came with a box of red birds,   but I am hoping to come up with something pink or clear to fill in the holes

The rose bushes are still blooming and I couldn't resist bring a few stems in to enjoy.

The 3 houses,  pitcher.  and sugar holder were $5.      I found the matching  sugar and creamer on the right side last weekend  for $1.     The white tree was $4.  

Have a blessed week!

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  1. WOW! Great finds! Especially the tree!

  2. Those houses and shops look almost ready to join in your happy village without much change. I love all sorts of little street scenes like those, imagining the small commerce and chatting that must go on amongst the shoppers.

    The wonderful lady at BitsyNest where I order a lot of my pink miniatures offers the small snap-in "lights" in pink for any kind of ceramic item. She seems to ship the split-second she receives the order, and she always includes a little "happy" bit of lagniappe in the package, all gift wrapped in pretty paper and tape.


  3. Penny,
    I was just going to say that pink lights would look lovely in the white Tree and then I read the comment above me. Love the houses and I think they look lovely as is!!
    Great buys!!! You always find the cutest things!!

  4. The bakery and sweet shop are so cute!

    Edye | Http://

  5. You are so lucky to find the white tree. I have been dying to find one for years but no luck. You can get the clear bulbs that fit in the holes on Amazon. Love your find.

  6. You find the best deals in your area and also when you go to Amarillo. The only thing I got last time I went through Amarillo was a dent in the car from a tornado and the rainstorm that followed! haha Cutest little houses. Whatever your plans for them I know it will be fabulous! Judy

  7. Great finds!!! These little houses are such lovely
    HUgs Alessandra

  8. Oh My! Can't wait to see how you display them in your beautiful home!!!

  9. Awesomeness! I love it all! Please Excuse me, Let Me introduce myself-I am Karen the one who wears the Mask at Masquerading Crafter--Why, yes, I am a *in a hushed voice* A Craftoholic soooo-If you are not going to use that box of birds for anything could I have them :) I am really wanting to make a Owl and Bird Christmas Tree this year to remind myself that God cares for me more than many Sparrows :)it has been my worst year yet and I am trying to have good come from all my Pain and tears. I do know the One who holds my tears and I know He will never waste them and that there is a purpose to my suffering but I also know that at the end of it I will be stronger, more wise, more Blessed.
    I came over from Sew Crafty Angel. I have not been able to keep up due to physical pain knocking me flat on my back for a couple of years but I am slowly making a comeback and Tomorrow is a huge day for me as I am building my new website with an online store that will sell only Handmade Crafts. I am so excited to finally be living my Dreams!

  10. Penny, you will have so much fun with those houses. Love the white tree!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Wow, what great finds and great prices. Love everything but I really love the white tree. I have a pink one and it is one of my favorite things. Thank you sharing your pretties. Hugs, Beverly

  12. Penny, I've always loved these little houses!! Whether they are pitchers or canisters or just for decoration...they are quaint and homey.

    Thanks for sharing this at TOHOT. :)

  13. What neat finds! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  14. You have some great finds. I love the white tree, I found one at a yard sale not long ago, but it had not decorations for the holes in the tree. Good luck in the hunt for something pink for yours!


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