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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Elegant Woodland Christmas Bedroom

Most woodland themed Christmas decor is rustic,   but mine is a little different.....elegant!

This is my elegant white fox.....

She has white pearls on her back and around her eyes.......

The sofa table at the end of the bed is decorated in a woodland scene......  

I have made a chair for Santa from deer antlers.....

Santa has an elegant satin suit ......lace vest.....and a gorgeous cap.      He has two squirrels  keeping him company.

Penguins aren't exactly woodland creatures,  but I'm well known for not following the normal decorating!

I have a Mama and her babies......snowballs.....snowflakes.....and a blingy nest for my penguin babies.....

I have a simple pink wreath with pink lights hung on the headboard......

I  sat a Santa and tree in a train case to make a quick and easy vignette to put on my bedside table.....

Here is a wreath that I have set on the table between the two closets.

If you missed my post with all the details on my Christmas is a link to that post.....

Thanks for stopping by to see my Elegant Woodland Christmas Bedroom!


  1. Your decors are very elegant, charming and feminine. The fox is amazing
    Hugs Alessandra

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Love it all. Very inspiring.

  3. Just beautiful! Now, I'm feeling guilty sitting here reading a book when I should be pulling out all the decorations and get moving, very stunning and I love your mantle in the bedroom.
    Happy hunting this weekend. Kay

  4. Simply stunning! My eyes went back and forth several times on the Penguin scene, trying to see if it were a Mama and one chick, one Santa face in a mirror. Your arranging was so precise and symmetrical, it fooled me for a while.

    We haven't even had our Thanksgiving dinner yet---tomorrow night, when all the group could be in one place at once. The tiny pink tinsel-tree in the new kitchen is my only little decorating yet, so I enjoy every inch of your own elegant decor!!

    And you know, I, too, have one of those wonderful husbands who is happy to be surrounded with whatever I enjoy seeing---he's as content with pink and lace as with leather furniture and wood. Some of us get lucky, and Othere of Us hit the Jackpot.

    Happy Holidays all the way through!


  5. I have not started on my decorating for Christmas yet...but today is the day. :)
    I often wonder about your husband and how he likes all the frills...
    Your fox is so cute.

  6. You have such a wonderful sense of style, I love the bedroom, I can see myself lying in the beautiful bed looking at all the decor and getting lost in daydreaming.

  7. Absolutely beautiful and dreamy bedroom! Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  8. So many beautiful elements, I don't know where to begin. Your fox is pretty and so elegant and your woodland Santa is so pretty! Thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate Your Story!

  9. Rustic elegance at it's best and that little fox is just WoW - so adorably beautiful. In fact everything makes you want to look twice. Stunning Penny

  10. Just gorgeous! It's like opening the door into a dreamland! Love everything! Judy

  11. The Santa and tree in the train case is my favourite in this gorgeous room. Lovely.

  12. Penny,
    LOVE the penguins and you know that Joe would love them too being a Pittsburgh Penguins fan!! LOL!!
    So pretty!
    I have to ask if your branch trees on the sides of the mantel are electric or battery operated and where did you get them???
    So pretty!!
    I am playing catch up as I just worked a 3 day stretch......

  13. I absolutely love your bedroom mantel! It is just beautiful. I also admire your bravery with all the white. I can't even wear a white shirt without getting something on it. Lol

  14. It's always a delight to see your decorations. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story link party and have a great weekend.

  15. SO pretty!!

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