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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bathtub Duck Pond

We've had this vintage bathtub in the backyard for years!    You last saw it filled with flowers,   but when I needed a bunch of flowers for the old iron bed that was repurposed as a "flower bed",    I "borrowed" the flowers from the tub to fill the bed (and never returned them!). 

My garden budget didn't have the money to refill the tub with flowers,   so I had to come up with a cheaper way to make it!

Here is what the right side of the pond looks like........

Here is the left side.......

And here is the pond!
 H put some big rocks in the bottom of the tub to make the tub look more like a pond......then filled it with water......added a couple of duck decoys...... some geranium petals.....and a big bucket of parsley!

I am using a bucket filled with water as a vase for my pond.     Today I have it filled with stems of parsley that have "seeded out" at the top.  
 I would have loved to get some water  lilies for the pond,   but as I said earlier.....the back yard budget is pretty much gone for this season!

Here you can see the rocks a little better.
   When I dead head the geraniums that are in pots around the pond,  I just toss the blooms into the water to float around .

This is a great place to enjoy a cup of tea.......

And as they say  "stop and smell the roses".     This bouquet will have to do today as the roses in my flower garden aren't in bloom right now.

I bought these tea pots at a yard sale a few weeks ago for $1 each.    I actually bought!     My daughters friend recently moved and sent me over a box of tea pots that she no longer wanted,    so I need to do a post sharing all the new tea pots I have now!


  1. Penny, Cute idea, and hopefully you have the water percolating in some fashion to prohibit mosquito larvae from infesting your lovely garden! Perhaps a small pump to produce a fountain effect? Anthing to keep the water moving, vs. sitting stagnant?

  2. What a wonderful solution for your tub. Your garden is amazing- there are so many charming areas for sitting and relaxing, I would have so much fun choosing!

  3. You have such a lovely garden! Love the cottage teapot.

  4. I love you idea of turning the bathtub into a duck pond Penny, it adds such a lovely touch to the space. Is it easy enough to drain?

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  6. Penny,
    Those tea pots are precious!! And the bath tub with ducks in it is so charming!! It would be overflowing here though with all the rain we have had but it finally looks like we will only be getting random showers instead of days of rain and down pours.....

  7. That's such a cute spot to enjoy the garden and have cup of tea. I love it!

  8. Looks like a wonderful place to sit and enjoy your morning and evening.

  9. Love your duck pond! It couldn't be more adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I am still in love with that pink tub. I am thinking I really need to find a tub for my yard now. Love the duck pond.
    :) gwingal

  11. These look totally lovely and love the idea of the duck pond

  12. How cute! What a peaceful place in your yard! Love it all. Thanks for linking to The Gathering Place!

  13. What a fun yard you have created! Thanks for linking to The Gathering Place!

  14. Love the duck pond Penny! Thanks for sharing xx


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