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Monday, July 24, 2017

Tree Bench made from Kitchen Chairs

I see such sweet chairs at yard sales all the time.  

What can I do with all those chairs I have that don't match........

I've used them to hold a basket of plants......

I've married two of them to make a garden bench.....

And now I've put 6 of them together to make a tree bench!

When I took this before and after photo I thought that 5 chairs would be enough to make a tree bench......

But,  when H started to put them together around the tree,   he said I needed 1 more.      I just happened to have another chair....who is surprised by that!,  he included the shorter chair on the far left of the photo.

H spaced them around the tree about the same distance apart.   He removed the arms on two of the chairs,  but I asked him to leave the arms on this one.   

If this project had been done with 6 matching chairs that had the same seat would have been a lot easier to join them together.   

I didn't want him to cut the legs on the taller chairs to make them the same height as the shorter chairs.     He would have had to cut off the pretty part of the leg!    So,  he had to custom make each seat and join them together ....somehow!!!   I think he did a wonderful job.....he can do anything!  
 He also added some chunky legs in between the chairs for extra support.    I cut lace strips that he stapled around the edge of the seats.

Once he was done,  it was my turn to make my tree bench look pretty.....and comfy.

I borrowed some of the pillows that were on the wicker furniture on the front porch.    The birds love to sit in this tree,   so I will only put out my pretties when I'm having company.

I used a couple of my rag rugs as cushions for the bench.    You've seen this rug in front of the door on my She Shed.

Some of the chairs are for single seating,   but a couple of them are more like a settee.    H turned the floor fan on the porch around so I could have a cool breeze while I was pretty-ing-up the tree bench.   He is so thoughtful.......

The only thing that I didn't get done before I took pictures is set a couple of little tables around the tree bench to hold drinks,  snacks,  or maybe a small flowering plant.   Oh well,  tomorrow is another day!

Here is how it looks from the street......

When we have company,  I also add pillows and throws to the two vintage metal gliders at the front of the entrance to the porch.

Now it's time to sit down with a glass of sweet tea .....relax.....

and enjoy the sound of the fountain.

Well,   not so's starting to rain!    Time to gather up all the fabric....

and put it on the wicker sofa up on the covered porch!

I hope you enjoyed our project as much as we did!


  1. LOL, I was wondering what you were going to do with all those chairs. Brilliant...certainly a great REDO post. Grins, Sandi

  2. Penny I couldn't wait to see what Mr. H. had in mind with all those chair. I love the ideal & think he did a great job. You have a pretty front yard. Thanks for sharing it. Lou xx

  3. Penny,
    Well, I guess my guess on what you were going to do with all those chairs was dead wrong!! LOL! I never thought of something like this but it is brilliant!! What a great idea especially since you have the perfect Tree for such a thing. I was going to ask about what you would do if it rained but you already answered hat question!! LOL!! We had torrential rain storms here the other day that caused a lot of flooding and destruction in some places. I had 4 1/4 inches of rain at my house and that was just over night!!

  4. Such a great idea! I can see several ladies seated there gossiping away! Lovely.

  5. Your new seating area is so pretty!

  6. What a fun idea, Penny. I hope you have some time to actually sit and enjoy are a busy lady. xo Diana

  7. So pretty - I love all the fabric choices!

  8. I find your home to be absolutely fascinating. You have so many interesting things going on.

  9. Very, very creative! Enjoyed the post!

  10. Fun to come up with clever ideas and projects for you and H to work on together. Enjoy your latest garden bench. '-)

  11. I love tree bench. You have such a lovely outdoor areas. Pinned.

  12. What a lovely job and thank you for sharing your home decor ideas with us at #BloggersPitStop. Have a lovely weekend.

  13. That's such a lovely idea Penny and it look so inviting. Your hubby did a great job joining them all together and equalizing the height. Beautiful

  14. Great idea! Now I need a tree bench! Love all the pretty pillows that you used to decorate it.
    :) gwingal

  15. So darn cute! I like that you have different height chairs. Some chairs are too low for us seniors, but then some are too high for the little ones. Your variety of heights...Is just right!

  16. Such a cute idea--pinned! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  17. As usual Penny - it's lovely. You have the touch have the touch.

  18. I did enjoy it. I'm glad you got some rain.

  19. What a fun idea! :) Thanks for sharing at Sew It Cook It Craft It.

  20. THis is lovely and inviting! Thanks for sharing!


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