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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen featuring Mason Jar Decor

I've been working my way around the kitchen cleaning and decorating the counters for Christmas. 

I am doing a mason jar theme this year in my Farmhouse Christmas kitchen.    I've tried to use mason jars in a different way in each of the vignettes I've created on the kitchen counters.

I hung a Christmas wreath in the corner that mirrors the one I have hung in the corner on the opposite side of the kitchen.

I potted bottle brush tree's in some really small mason jars that I found at Joann's.     The little mason jars are decorated just like the big ones that you saw on one of the other kitchen counters.    ( I will do a complete tour of the kitchen later. )   

 I have a ceramic cookie jar that's in the shape of a mason jar in this vignette.

Further down the counter,     I have more potted trees in small mason jars and a large mason jar with a floral design in it.......

Ceramic mason jar salt & pepper shakers and matching measuring cups stacked to look like a mason jar are in the corner of the kitchen counter.

At the end of the counter is our coffee pot and a calendar that reminds us of things we need to do each day.

I don't have any Christmas kitchen towels yet to hang on the oven doors......haven't  found any that I, for now I just have some towels I had on hand hung on the doors that match the colors in the kitchen.

I'm almost finished decorating the kitchen for Christmas......only the pass thru left to do.
Then,   I can put  the kitchen all "together" for a tour!


  1. Penny,
    I think your Mason Jar theme for the Kitchen for Christmas this year is enchanting!! Everything looks so pretty!!

  2. Your cabinets look a pinkish color. Are they?

    1. Most of them are white, but the section to the right of the ovens is pink. hugs...

  3. Always so lovely! I need to get my decorations and trees in from the garage!

  4. Very, very adorable!
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. I think I love your cookie jar mason jar the best! You've done lots of work at decorating your kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing at our Party in Your PJs link party.

  6. These are precious ideas! I'm originally from Southern California and I now live in West Texas. I've been trying to transition my decor to a more farmhouse feel and these pictures have given me great ideas! Thanks for posting! #SaturdayShuffle

  7. Using mason jars as a jumping off point is very creative, Penny. I like that you are thinking outside the box and using them in a lot of different ways. It really pulls the look together in a lovely way :)

  8. You have the most darling measuring spoons. I adore them.

  9. I love those Measuring spoons and how tied together it all looks

  10. Your blue masonary jars are gorgeous. I think I may have seen and commented on them before, but I absolutely adore them. I don't decorate my kitchen for the seasons and this year I am hoping to do something festive in there. Your kitchen is very pretty.

  11. Love the mason jar decor! Thanks for linking up at Friday Frenzy!


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