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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Farmhouse Christmas Kitchen

I  decorated another section of the kitchen counters for Christmas  today.......only 2 more sections to go and then I can start on the family room.       I don't know which is my favorite room to decorate .....the kitchen or the family room!

The theme for the kitchen this year is A Mason Jar Farmhouse Christmas,  so you'll see them used in every Christmas vignette I create. 
   I began creating my Christmas  vignette by filling a chicken wire truck with 3 pink  mercury glass mason jars.

These jars are so pretty and inexpensive......$4 each at Joann's and they are 25% off this week.

I planted bottle brush trees in my mason jars......

Next to the chicken wire truck is a Christmas cow print  (I'll give you the scoop on it later in the post)   Keeping with my theme,   I have a pink ceramic Mason jar spoon holder and a set of pink mason jar measuring spoons. 

I'm going to skip over the cow print for now and share the decor to the right of it.

I left  my existing Farm Charm sign......and the metal chicken feeder.       I put away  the decor that I had in each section of the chicken feeder and filled them with Christmas ornaments and a Santa.

I've had this Santa for a long long time......his face looks so kind......I love it!

Isn't this pig ornament the cutest thing!

In front of the feeder,   I have a bottle brush tree and a mama cow and her calf.

A lot of the ornaments in the feeder are vintage ones that I have been collecting for years.

Now for the scoop on my cow print......

I found this 2018 calendar at a little shop in Amarillo Texas.    If you're ever in the area,  stop by and visit Lizzie......

I couldn't decided which photo to use for my post,  they are all so sweet!

I thought the November pictire had too many fall colors in it......

I loved the January photo......

But I decided on Miss December!

On the end of the counter,   I have one of the mason jars I made the other day........a mercury glass jar with a Christmas tree planted in it.......a chicken feeder filled with an ornament,   and lastly a cow cookie jar.

On the stove cover,   I have a metal sugar canister,  a bottle brush tree that I decorated several years ago,   and a metal envelope.   
Metal pieces are so much fun to decorate can attach anything you want with a magnet.   I placed a paper pink Merry Christmas sign over the Country Farm Sugar decal that was on the canister.    I added more Christmas paper prints to the envelope with magnets.     I can easily change out my prints with the seasons or holidays.

Do you make a mess when you are "creating" ?   
Behind the scenes....
This is my pile of stuff on the other side of the kitchen that either came off the counter  I just "created" on......or I got it out and didn't use it......or it needs to be packed away til next year  (the glass pumpkin)

We ordered in pizza today since I had the kitchen "staged" for my post.    Loaded baked potato pizza from Snappy Toms....delish!


  1. very very cool - any chance you'll tell us where you got the chicken wire truck? it is fabulous!!!!!!

    1. I'm always glad to share! I found it at Tuesday Morning a couple of weeks ago. hugs....

  2. Love everything about your house! The Herrero calendar is gorgeous. I've had several of his and I have taken some of the photos from the calendar and decoupaged them - one on a milk can!

  3. I love the wire basket truck. Your theme and decorations are so lovely.

  4. Cute and cute! The wire basket truck is very noce
    Hugs Alessandra

  5. Penny,
    You have successfully merged, pink decor, Farmhouse and Christmas together in a very charming way!! I have been scouting out Christmas decor locally and there is a lot of Farmhouse out there but almost nothing pink. So your Christmas decor is truly original and lovely for this season! You are far neater than I am. Usually everything is scattered all over the floor and you can barely walk around....

  6. You have so many beautiful things, Penny. Love the cow picture- we are big around here on cows in WI! lol You are way ahead of the game in decorating for Christmas this year! xo Diana

  7. Beautiful! I especially love the chicken wire truck! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I would recognise your decorating touch anywhere Penny. It's always so incredibly feminine and lady like and your kitchen is no exception. It looks beautiful with all those dusky pinks and hints of black and white. Gorgeous

  9. Wow! I love it...especially the use of pink, which you don't see too often in Christmas decorating. You also pretty much had me at the first of glimpse of a cow...I'm a totally sucker for farm animals!!! Thanks for joining Friday Frenzy! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  10. So much pretty stuff in your kitchen for Christmas! I love the brush trees in the mercury glass mason jars. Thank you for linking up with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

  11. Everything looks so pretty; I love the sugar container and metal envelope! Thank you so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday :)

  12. However do you keep your home so tidy while doing so much changing? My dining room table is still piled 3 feet high from 2 special trick or treat events and a craft show which will be on Sat. It has even spilled over into the great room which I never do. This is may packing and pricing area. Then it is all going to be packed away as I am having 2 procedures just before Christmas and I want everything done by then. Minimum baking this year. Love all the little special things you do.

  13. oh boy I love your farmhouse decor so much that I love to have in my own personal collection to decorate with. Great job
    come see us at

  14. You have so many beautiful items. I really love your collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. Of course the mason jar kitchen accessories are swoon worthy as well. Pretty post

  15. I just love it I love how everything looks like ti is meant to be there = perfect in it's place and those bottle brush trees are wow


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