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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Pink Blush and Pale Blue Christmas Tree

I love the soft pink and pale blue colors I'm using to decorate the family room for Christmas this year

I decorated the Christmas tree in the family room with ornaments that I've had for a long time.......a few that I made this year,  like the pom poms and rag covered balls......and some that I bought new this season.

The velvet mushrooms are new this year.....

I found them at Target in the $3 bin.....

The bottle brush trees are new this year......Hobby Lobby......

Sitting in the chair next to the tree is the Santa that used to have a red hat,  but got a makeover this year.

     I've had this Santa head for many fact......I have a second one that my mother bought at the same time I bought daughter also bought one at the same time.    She asked me the other day if I would like to have hers since she doesn't want it anymore and of course I quickly said I'll have three!

I have a Christmas vignette on the top shelf of the  display cabinet behind old Saint Nick.....

Under the tree,   I have my sheep pillow since I haven't bought any presents yet.      No .....not even one......

After I had put up the tree,   I was out walking around in the back's still in the 70' here in Eastern New Mexico.   
I cut a few roses.....yes,  we still have roses.......and put them in a little metal cone and hung them on the tree.

They smell wonderful!

I had used the same flocked tree for the last 7+ years.   My daughter said to me the other day....."I sure would like to have that flocked tree...don't you need a new tree?'    I had already put it up ,   but hadn't decorated it yet.   So we drug it out to the sun room for her to pick up. 

My new tree is Green!!!   I haven't had a green tree in years,   and I am really enjoying the new look.    It looks so realistic and has the new lights that stay on even if one goes out!   
 I have another tree on the other side of the fireplace that I can't wait to show it to you....and of course,  you still need to see my mantel for Christmas 2017!


  1. Penny,
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I LOVE the pink and blue together and the Santa, your new chairs and the Tree is just stunning!! Love those bottle brush tree ornaments.....And you have a green Tree!! It looks lovely!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you posted the sheep pillow! After seeing yours, found one like it in Albuquerque! It's so realistic! And hadn't even thought of putting it under the tree! Love your creativity! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and looking forward to a Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful! We always have a real tree and my lot wouldn't stand for anything other than brightly coloured baubles.....probably just as well as your decor would end up grey with 3 tweens and a shaggy black dog. One day though, when they have all gone!! #BloggersPitStop101

  4. Thanks for linking up with us Penny at #BloggersPitStop. Have a great weekend.

  5. It is so lovely!! I am looking forward to actually having my two trees and having a Christmas party! Starting a new life.

  6. Penny I am convinced it was you that made Pink so hot right now for the holidays. I am going to have to do a pink tree now. Seeing the sweet color in your home is warming my heart.

  7. I would never have imagined you to have a green tree! But with the addition of your new white chairs, the green is a good change and stands out against all your white decor.
    :) gwingal

  8. I love the way a theme tree looks. The thing is I just cannot resist all the cute ornaments from years past...

  9. You are such a great momma to give your white tree to your daughter, and now with the green tree it is as if you have rediscovered color and those pretty pastels look so good on that green tree!

  10. Your Christmas tree is lovely dressed up in pastel pinks and blues. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  11. Oh Miss Penny, your home always makes me smile! Thank you for sharing your creative and beautiful talent!

  12. Although I am a green tree and multicolored ornament fan, I think your tree is absolutely beautiful; I have been stressing today with last minute wrapping and cooking. Looking at your lovely pictures helped me relax and get into the Christmas spirit....oh, wait, I still have a batch of peppermint bark waiting for its second layer... I thrifted a box of blush pink ornaments this year; I do love that color. I had to look twice at the lamb pillow; it is SOOO realistic and perfect under the tree. Hope it has graduated to a chair so that you can put lots of presents under the tree! Merry Christmas!


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